Ameesha Patel breaks silence on allegations of fraud of crores of rupees, said this

Actress Amisha Patel is caught in a legal trap. He has been accused of cheating in case of check bounce of crores of rupees. Amisha has now broken her silence on this issue.

Amisha said on her official Twitter handle, ‘As a public figure, I often see hilarious ridiculous rumors on the professional personal front, I see old rumors and gossips again and again. Get the same life !!! Enjoy the moment of God’s gift .. Just like I am cheering.

The petition filed in this case was heard in the Jharkhand High Court. After listening to all the parties in this case, the High Court has directed both the parties to submit their arguments in writing in 2 weeks.

A petition was first filed against Amisha Patel in the lower court, in which she was granted relief, but the other party challenged the decision of the lower court and filed a case in the High Court. During the hearing in the High Court, Judge Anand Sen asked both the parties to resolve the matter through mediation and to file their reply within two weeks.

This is the case, the High Court has continued the interim relief of Amisha Patel and has stopped the action against her. Please tell that in the year 2017, Amisha Patel met a person named Ajay Kumar Singh. The actress offered him to invest in films. Amisha told him that her company Lovely World Entertainment is making a film called ‘Desi Magic’. Ajay sent two and a half crores to Amisha Patel’s account for this.

After the check bounced, the
film could not be made for any reason after this and Ajay Singh demanded his money back. Ameesha gave him a check, but the check bounced. After this Ajay Singh accused the court of cheating against Amisha Patel.


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