Amar Dubey was already preparing to take over the Sultanate of Vikas Dubey. He was forming an army of youth to give the option of development. He also interfered in the Scorpion Gang of Kalyanpur. He had also started preparing his bullet team. Amar had set up teams from Bikeru to Choubepur, Shivrajpur and Kalyanpur. This fact has been revealed in the police investigation.

According to the police report, Vikas started dominating the village in 1995. At that time, more than a dozen people, including Sanju Dubey, Atul Dubey, Prem Prakash, Guddan Trivedi, Ziladar of the family were in the gang. Time passed and new members were entered. Sanju’s son Amar also got involved in Shagirdi. In a few days he became the most reliable of development. From the police station to the tehsil and village panchayat, he also started looking after the work.

Amar started forming a new team to strengthen himself. A year and a half ago, Amar started increasing his status as soon as Vikas went to jail. He knew that Vikas had been sentenced to life imprisonment. He can go to jail anytime. On the other hand, Vikas was also preparing Amar to maintain his dominance.

The proximity to the scorpion gang was increased.
Amar started increasing the proximity of the scorpion gang of Kalyanpur. From Shivali to Chaubepur town and Shivrajpur, the young men started adding gangs. Amar was spending a lot in a friends party. Often in the wedding party, Amar used to sit in the same style as his Guru Vikas so that everyone’s eyes would be on him. People started meeting Amar before he met Vikas for his lobbying.

According to the police report, Amar played an important role in firing on the police team on the night of 2 July in Bikaru. Amar was ahead in the murder of CO Devendra Mishra. Amar was on the run with development till Faridabad. Still some of Amar’s companions are paying attention to the grandmother living at home. They are getting ration-vegetables


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