Aly Goni's sister Ilham gave birth to baby girl, Jasmin Bhasin congratulated

Ilham Goni, sister of TV actor Eli Gony and her husband Danish Tak welcomed their fourth child, a baby girl, on Sunday 31 January. It is clear that there is an atmosphere of happiness for Ali Goni’s family. With this, Ali Goni’s sister Ilham gave birth to a baby girl in a hospital in Jammu. Ilham is already the mother of three children and all three were seen in an episode of Bigg Boss when Ali was seen talking to his sister and asking about Ibadat and Ibrahim.

Ali Goni’s mother Ruby Goni said, ‘Both mother and child are fine. We are very happy but miss Ellie because we know how close she is to her nieces and nephews and we cannot wait. To meet her new baby and also said that Ali is playing very well and we congratulate her once again for being an uncle.

At the same time, Jasmine Bhasin also looks very happy because she is very close to the family of Ali Goni. When she heard this news she was very happy and she said, ‘I am very happy and super exide. Ali will go mad when he comes to know about it. I have a great affection for Ilham and his children and I was eagerly waiting to hear this news. I can not wait Now to see the child and as soon as Ali comes out we will spend time with both the children.


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