To make a new Aadhaar card or to get a PVC Aadhaar like ATM or to update / correct name, address or phone number. Now you can get the solution of every problem related to Aadhaar from home. For this, you only have to dial the toll free number 1947 from your mobile number. As of now 1,280,551,358 Aadhaar has been generated and out of which 50,709,707,890 has been authenticated.

benefits of Aadhar card

If your Aadhaar card is linked to a bank account, then gas subsidy will be available easily. No separate documents will have to be added to it.
You can get a passport in just 10 days through the Aadhaar card. Police verification takes place later in this process.
You can open a bank account just by giving an Aadhaar card. It is not necessary to provide any other document.
If you have an Aadhaar card, you can use Digital Locker. You can store all your private documents in it.
If the Aadhar card is linked with the voter ID card, then the government will be able to identify fake voters.
In Jan Dhan Yojana, your work will be done only through Aadhaar. No other document will have to be installed.
If you get pension, then register Aadhaar number in your department. This will easily provide monthly pension.
# Dial1947AadhaarHelpline
To get answers to all your Aadhaar related queries, place a call on our toll-free helpline 1947.

– Aadhaar (@UIDAI) January 28, 2021

Do this to find the link number in Aadhaar

First of all you go to the web site of UIDAI
After this go to the option of My Aadhar
Here you will see another option of Aadhar Services
Verify an Aadhar Number will be the first option on Aadhar Services
Clicking on it will open a new window
Enter Aadhaar number here and fill captcha below it
Click on processed to verify
Now you will see the status of Aadhaar
There will be many details verified like Aadhaar number, age, state and mobile number.
If no number will be linked to your Aadhaar, then nothing will be written there.
This means that there is no number associated with your Aadhaar.
If a mobile number is connected to your Aadhaar, then the last three digits of the number will appear here.
In this way you can find out which mobile number is associated with your Aadhaar


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