Alencier: I Had Heard That Chet Was A Terrible Troublemaker And Came To The Set Scared;  After Her Father’s Shoot: The Maju-directed film Appan is being discussed in a big way. The audience is of the opinion that the theme of the film and the performances of the stars were excellent. Alencier’s performance has shocked everyone. In the film, Alencier was playing the cruel father of Itti.

Alencier had said that if he has done anything well in the film, the credit goes only to director Maju. Alencier stated that when he heard the story, he asked if there would be fathers like this and Maju confirmed that there were. In an interview with Popperstop Malayalam, Alencier said that many people told him about such fathers after the release of the film.

Alencier says that everyone who worked with him on the sets played the characters brilliantly and one day after the shoot, actress Ananya called him and shared some preconceived notions about him.


Ananya and her husband called me one day around 12 o’clock in the night after my father’s shoot was over. Ananya said, ‘Dude, I came to the shoot scared’. They said they had to rework the first scene for two days. The scene where Ammachi asks if you are dead after seeing the dream.

After that, I joined the set. They were afraid that I would cause trouble if the scene was retaken.

I’ve heard that Bully is a terrible troublemaker and noisy. It was said that Ananya had asked Maju if there would be any problem when the re-take was going.


I am not a troublemaker or a noisy person. When we react to a problem, we become a problem. If there is a problem, you have to react to it. Otherwise, we are not human and we are dead bodies. Yes, I did too. At this point I’m not talking too much about politics, Alencier said.

Alencier also said that Radhika played the role of Sheela in the film very gracefully and gracefully. I don’t know Radhika before. Nothing about what they did or what their job was. But she played the role beautifully. They did it with experience. The sides were mixed and discarded. “Didn’t you kill your father with one punch (laughter),” said Alencier.

Alencier says in an interview that Appan was a film he decided not to do. Alencier says that at that time he was acting in the film Chaturam directed by Siddharth Bharatan and felt a slight resemblance to the character of Chaturam.


Alencier says that Rajeev Ravi told him that Maju called him for the role and the first reply he gave to Maju was that he was not doing it.

“When I heard my father’s script, I initially rejected it. The square has a similar character. I was introduced to Maju by Rajeev Ravi. When I said that I am not doing it, Maju Akaryam called Rajeev. So Rajeev Ravi called me. How many police roles has Alencier played? Take this as a challenge too.

Appan decided to do it with the confidence that Rajiv gave him. I’m still scared. The square is coming down. It is the fear of becoming one. I don’t know how well I’ve done. The creativity of the two directors is the same. But there is a little fear, Alencier said.

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