The trailer of actor Akshay Kumar’s film Laxmi Bomb has been released. The trailer received such a tremendous response that within a few hours it became trending on social media and Akshay’s look surprised everyone. But the sooner something trends in the world of social media, the sooner it becomes ready by becoming a funny meme.

At this time many types of memes are being made on Akshay Kumar’s Lakshmi Bomb. Such parts are being made using many parts from the film trailer that everyone has been forced to laugh. Laxmi Bomb’s dialogue ‘This area’s queen hoon main’ has gone viral. On the basis of this single dialogue, such funny mimes are being made that everyone has been watching. Akshay’s style has been given such a twist, not everyone is getting tired of praising these memes.

Lakshmi became a fan on bomb

One user has wondered how any bride will react in her wading video. A funny look of Akshay is being shown through Mim. The other user has prepared a meme that looks quite relatable. He writes – When I do not find anything, then my mother after five minutes. Now here the dialogue of Akshay’s film has been used to be the queen of this area. At the same time, because the IPL is getting to see a tremendous sound, so memes have been made on that too. One user writes- If RCB won… Now the dialogue of Lakshmi Bomb ‘Maa Kasam Bangle Paar Leung Bangi’ has been used here. This mim is quite funny. At the same time, how Virat Kohli celebrates on the cricket field has also been shown through Laxmi Bomb.

Talking about the film, it is being released on 9 November. Kiara Advani will also play an important role in the film with Akshay. Opinions on the social media about the film are different at this time. Many fans are already calling this film a blockbuster, while there are many who are angry with Akshay and are demanding to buy the film.


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