Akharas announced program regarding Kumbh to be held in Haridwar, Peshwai will be taken out on this day

Haridwar: As the Haridwar Kumbh Mela draws closer, the dates of Dharmadhwaja Nagar entry are being announced by all thirteen Akharas. Today, the three Akhara Shree Pancha Nirmohi Akhara, Shree Panch Nirvani Akhara and Digambar Akhara of the Vaishnava sect announced the dates of Dharmadhwaja and city entry.

Akharas announced their program

The saints of Bairagi Akharas also announced their program for the Kumbh Mela. Mr. Mahant Kishan Das of Digambar Akhara says that the three Bairagi Akharas of the Vaishnava sect have issued their manifesto regarding the Kumbh Mela. Chandi Puja will be performed on April 1 and Dharma flag will be installed on April 2. After that a grand Peshwai will be taken out on 6 April with the city entrance.

Is a proper beginning

There is only a short time left for the Kumbh Mela to start. Dharmadhwaja and city entry dates are being announced by all the akhadas. The Kumbh is duly initiated by all the akharas along with the Dharmadhwaja and the city entrance, hence seeing the auspicious time, the dates of the Dharmadhvaja and the city entrance are announced by the akhadas.


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