Aju Varghese: When I Went To The Set, There Was Superstar Nivin Pauly Sitting In The Corner Of The Bar Eating Idli: Aju Varghese shares some interesting experiences on the sets of Saturday Night. Aju talks about Nivin Pauly eating on the sets.

In an interview with Django Space, Aju said that he was a very short-time character on Saturday Night and therefore did not get to explore the cuisine as much as other actors.


Aju talks about Niv’s love for food through the trolley. In the interview where Nivin, Grace Antony, Sania, and Aju participated together, Aju was trolled by all of them.

‘I used to come and go every now and then for the shoot. One day the bar scene was to be shot. So I went to the bar on set that day.

When I look, superstar Nivin Pauly is sitting in a corner eating idli at four o’clock. I asked what is the matter. ‘Good appetite’ was Nivin’s reply. Don’t we all usually have a snack at four o’clock? But Pulli is eating three or four idlis,’ said Aju.


After this, Nivin Pauly called Idli in the bar. Sania also asked if this is a small push. Aju replied that it was not the mother and that he also did not know how the idli came to the bar. Nivin also jokingly said, ‘It doesn’t matter, anyway, let’s leave it at that.’

Sania Iyyappan and Grace Antony share some details about the food on the shooting sets of Saturday Night in an interview.

The two were talking about food when Nivin Pauly joked that Grace, who loved the location’s food, would have a lot of varied experiences to share. Grace’s reply was sarcastic.


‘Yes, Nivin Cheta… It was very good food. Sania clearly knows that. Sania often goes to the hospital. Drip and come back. It was such good food,’ said Grace.

Sania also opened up about the difficulties she faced in terms of drinking water while shooting. ‘None of us could get water on set. One night there was a chasing shoot to be done. I go to the caravan after every scene. And so it was. And then all of them will wait for me. I adjusted the medicine until the shoot was over that night.

As soon as the sun rose in the morning, I went to the hospital. Drip and lay down. Not only me but many people have been in this situation. Roshan Chetan also had a stomach problem. Sometimes we meet. Chetan will hold his stomach and say that he will come soon,’ said Sania.


After this, Nivin Pauly and Aju Varghese said that since they grew up eating a variety of foods, they did not have any major problems.

Saturday Night is a film produced by Roshan Andrews with Nivin Pauly in the lead role.
Saiju Kurup, Aju Varghese, Siju Wilson, Sania Iyyappan, Grace Antony, and Aju Varghese are other important characters in the film. The film will hit theaters on November 4.

Food was the main factor that filled the promotion of the film. The Saturday Night team released interesting reels with different hotels and different cuisines. The trailer also hints that food will play a major role in the film.


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