Air Pollution: The Problem Of Delhi’s Air Pollution Which Is Causing Political Upheaval, Is It For The Election: People of northern states are suffering from air pollution. Day by day pollution is increasing to a dangerous level which is causing concern. Children and old people have difficulty breathing. Delhi is the national capital along with the national capital.

People in northern states are suffering from air pollution. Day by day pollution is increasing to a dangerous level which is causing concern. Children and old people have difficulty breathing. This air pollution problem is more severe in the National Capital Region along with Delhi, the national capital. Schools are closed in some places to reduce the pollution problem. Air pollution is ringing alarm bells, especially in the national capital, Delhi. Pollution is increasing day by day and is reaching a dangerous level. Along with Delhi, farmers in neighboring states like Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh are burning crop waste, and the smog is thickly covering Delhi. The issue of air pollution is causing a political uproar. Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal is complaining that the central government has failed to solve the problem of air pollution in the northern states and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is targeting him. In response, BJP targeted the Aam Aadmi Party saying that the burning of agricultural waste in Punjab is the cause of this problem and that the negligence of the Aam Aadmi government there is evident. People are facing severe difficulties amid political criticism.

Political criticism

Delhi’s Environment Minister Gopal Rai has requested the Uttar Pradesh and Haryana governments to set up a regional special task force to reduce air pollution in areas adjacent to Delhi like Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and Noida, which are part of the National Capital Region. He said that the problem of pollution is not a problem of the state, but it is happening because of the developing air system, which requires joint cooperation. The BJP has also given a strong counter that the Aam Aadmi Party is trying to gain political advantage by pretending that the central government is not taking appropriate measures.

Ban on construction and demolition of buildings

Due to the severe air pollution, a complete ban on all construction and demolition of buildings has come into force in Delhi. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has decided to provide Rs.5 thousand per month to every construction worker during the ban. To reduce pollution, the Delhi government is asking people to work from home as much as possible and to reduce the use of private vehicles. The Delhi government has issued orders that 50 percent of government employees should work from home.

BJP says Aam Aadmi Party has committed irregularities

On the other hand, senior BJP leader Sambit Patro criticized the Delhi government for committing irregularities and registering fake names as construction workers. BJP accused Aam Aadmi Party of embezzling money in the name of construction workers. On the other hand, the schedule of the Delhi municipal elections is likely to be released on Friday. With this, there is a possibility that the issue of air pollution in the national capital will have an impact on the elections. The BJP says that the Aam Aadmi government in Delhi and Punjab is responsible for this problem. AAP leaders objected to this. Speaking to the media along with Punjab CM Bhagwant Man, Kejriwal said that the problem of air pollution is the problem of the northern states and it is not appropriate to hold the governments of Delhi and Punjab responsible for it. Kejriwal said this is not the time to blame each other.

The Delhi government has banned petrol and diesel commercial vehicles from entering Delhi. To prevent pollution, the Delhi government has made it clear that all petrol and diesel trucks, lorries, and heavy commercial vehicles will not be allowed to enter Delhi except essential and CNG vehicles. When people are facing severe problems due to air pollution in Delhi, this problem is also causing political upheaval.


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