Qatar World Cup 2022: Star Footballers Who Have Been Ruled Out Of Qatar World Cup By Injuries

Ailing Franz Beckenbauer Lost Eyesight, Wants Germany To Win Qatar World Cup: World Cup (Qatar World Cup) is bad news for football lovers in a crowded football market. Critically ill Franz Beckenbauer. The world football legend is gradually going blind. Can’t see anything in my right eye right now. Other eyes will also get dark someday. Not only that, but he is also at risk of a heart attack at any time. One of the greatest German football stars of all time did not go to Qatar due to this serious physical illness. This is the first time since 1966. That’s why he is not seen on the screen of any TV channel or in the audience like any other time. Beckenbauer made it clear in an interview given to a German newspaper that there is no possibility of going later.

Modern German football is unthinkable without Beckenbauer, who has the rare feat of winning the World Cup as a coach and footballer. Whether in charge or not, the coach-footballers of the German team in the World Cup have been seen repeatedly turning to him in case of problems. That Beckenbauer now sits in the backyard of his house in Salzburg, Austria, surrounded by green grass and trees. The 77-year-old football legend has not been seen in public for a long time. Beckenbauer clarified in the interview that the reason for this withdrawal from the world is purely physical. The German coach Hans Flick received advice from him about the German team, strategy, and preparation for the country in Qatar to win the cup. However, he is absent from the gallery in Qatar. “I wanted to go to Qatar to see the country win the World Cup. But I could not! The body did not give. So I’m praying for Germany in front of the TV,” said the German legend.

What exactly happened to Beckenbauer? According to what he said in the interview, he is gradually going blind. Can’t see in the right eye at the moment. “Doctors say, I have an ‘infarction’ in one eye. For now, the right eye is completely gone. Can’t see anything.” On the football field, Franz Beckenbauer is a lion. fearless warrior Beckenbauer is a 21-year-old youngster in the 1966 World Cup among the superstars of Pele-Bobby Moore-Geoff Hurst. Beckenbauer had an incredible fight against Italy in the 1970 semi-final with a broken arm in a sling despite dislocating his right shoulder. Beckenbauer stands for Johan Cruyff’s epic 1974 World Cup win over an unstoppable Holland.

Today, the invincible hero of world football is increasingly blind and immobile. His ailment, according to medical science, has a high probability of heart attack at any time. Knowing that he is calm. He said with a smile, “I can’t see with one eye. But I am managing it. I am also careful about the heart. I don’t know if I will live forever. But why should I lose before I lose?” Rather, he is busier with his ‘Franz Beckenbauer Foundation. He has already raised 30 million dollars for this organization to help the sick. “My wife Heidi is also on the board with me. He helps a lot. I won’t stay a day. But this foundation of mine will be with people. “It gives me great satisfaction,” says Beckenbauer. Saying, “Every day I receive numerous emails from supporters. They think that Franz may not be here for long. I assured them – don’t worry brother! I am trying to stay with you for a few more days. Must be. Franz Beckenbauer is the name of an invincible fight!

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