Agar Tum Na Hote

Agar Tum Na Hote 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhimanyu doesnot sleep the entire night and is expecting the timer to give up considering when might niyati come, he sits on the mattress wondering it’s time for niyati, abhimanyu walks downstairs calling niyati while his father is on the call with the minister, abhimanyu is simplest looking for her, he asks manaroma why has niyati not come till now, his father asks abhimanyu to return and have breakfast with them all, abhimanyu replies he may have it when niyati comes, going to the door he wonders why has she not come till now however receives worried wondering if he may have simply accomplished the equal factor, he asks kumkar to name niyati asking why did she not come but he hears her steps coming from the lower back so is clearly excited to look her, he at once hugs her,

niyati is clearly tensed, she even gets uncomfortable, he says she promised to return early then why did it take goodbye, she hesitantly asks if he remembers what occurred yesterday, abhimanyu asks how can he forget about the fine day of his lifestyles, while she herself broke off her engagement assuring she might marry him, niyati asks if he simply took the medication, he exclaims that she herself gave the medicine, niyati thinks this has no longer passed off before so she ought to tell aanad and dr sharma. Niyati asks abhimanyu to come due to the fact he wishes rest, aanad walks with dr sharma whilst abhimanyu right away questions who allowed them to return inner blaming that dr aanad goes to take niyati away from him, he doesnot even listen to dr sharma, niyati assures she will communicate with them ,

she advises dr aanad to depart on account that he recollects the whole thing that took place throughout his attack so it is better for him to go away, if he over again loses his temper then it’d be certainly tough to manipulate him, she requests dr aanad to depart, so he turns lower back to depart. Niyati is genuinely tensed. Aanad reaches out of doors the guest house whilst he receives a name, shape his mother who questions wherein he is because she has reached the venue whilst ram and sulochana are also on their manner so he have to include niyati, aanad replies he is busy in work but would attain the corridor on time. Abhimanyu is calling at niyati who’s sorting the drug treatments, he starts offevolved smiling then asks in the event that they should watch a movie, he begins playing it.

Lata didi exclaims that each of her in laws are actually late comers, sulochana exclaims she was no longer feeling properly today, lata asks what came about when ram replies that she is simply no longer feeling well due to the fact their daughter is getting married, lata asks in which is niyati when sulochana exclaims she is going to call her proper now, abhimanyu answers the call when sulochana at once calls him as munna, abhimanyu additionally starts talking together with her, he exclaims how he turned into wondering that now for the reason that niyati herself has decided to go away aanad and marry him then why are they delaying it, he feels he ought to come together with his mother to their residence these days and speak it all, sulochana starts weeping, abhimanyu receives worried, she asks him to present the phone to niyati, she asks her while is she going to return, niyati seeing the time replies she goes to depart after some time, abhimanyu asks her to come and watch a movie but she says she wishes to head again domestic, abhimanyu status asks why does she need to go away,

he advised her that he receives scared when she isn’t round him, niyati advises him to rest as she would actually come back tomorrow, he explains she will be able to stay with him when manaroma questions how can niyati live with him earlier than getting married, abhimanyu exclaims why does she now not make her his bride, he has already talked with her mom, manaroma consents to go together with niyati and communicate to her mom, abhimanyu additionally wants to cross however he’s stopped as manaroma exclaims that most effective the circle of relatives of the groom move, she leaves with niyati.

The festivities of the haldi characteristic begin whilst all and sundry is guffawing, sulochana thinks how abhimanyu stated that he is going to come along with his mother so thinks what would occur if he comes to the venue, lata didi brings someone to introduce her to sulochana then asks her where is niyati as the pooja has already ended and now it is time for the haldi characteristic, aanad said that she is going to come immediately to the corridor, aanad additionally arrives while lata asks wherein is niyati, aanad decides to call her however sulochana exclaims she is on her way. Niyati at the side of manaroma step out of the automobile, manaroma mentions she ought to have dropped her off at the hall however niyati exclaims that saira is waiting for her at the marketplace, and he or she needs to buy some matters earlier than the characteristic. Manaroma says that she must not be involved about her son due to the fact today is her function, she doesnot need that her feature gets ruined because of her son, manaroma needs her before leaving, abhimanyu while following manaroma wonders why she now not went with niyati to her mother and father’ residence, he starts following niyati while she is scared with the aid of saira who asks if she notion she saw a ghost. Niyati exclaims she is not anything less of a ghost, niyati replies that she is feeling clearly horrific about lying to abhimanyu,

he standing within the returned questions why is she mendacity, he exclaims that he did not sleep remaining night time due to the concern that he may lose her, he needs that she also exclaim she loves him however niyati doesnot say anything, abhimanyu starts offevolved to get an assault, he exclaims there’s handiest one manner and they each need to die, he exclaims he might first kill niyati and then might additionally take his very own lifestyles, abhimanyu tries to suffocate her but she manages to run away as abhimanyu is stopped by a few human beings, abhimanyu manages to push all of them away and follows each niyati and saira, they get caught in the nook, he pushes saira away when she hits her head, he even tries to kill niyati with a rod, saira advises her to run away, niyati is actually scared however she additionally receives caught. Abhimanyu questions why she is strolling far from him, they each can die collectively as it’s far the only way they both would stay collectively.

Precap: dr aanad gets a name from saira, he receives greatly surprised answering it. Niyati is walking from abhimanyu, he questions why she is running from him as he actually loves her and this way they both could be able to be together, aanad is making an attempt his fine to find niyati. Abhimanyu is looking for niyati, who is underneath a truck, he reveals her, kneeling to the facet questions why she became going for walks away, niyati is petrified.


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