Agar Tum Na Hote

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Aanad replies they’re now no longer expertise as he can’t conceal one of these massive mystery from Niyati, he turns to go away while is stunned to look Niyati status on the door, she asks what reality can he now no longer conceal from her, Sulochana asks her to are available in while she says they had been speakme approximately her marriage as though that they’d instructed her she could have raised a whole lot of questions, Aanad turning to Niyati questions why does she appear so stressed, she says that she is simply tired, Aanad replies he can decide all of the expressions of her face and is aware of what has happened, Niyati asks him to hire any other nurse for Abhimanyu as she will now no longer visit his residence, he asks what happened, Niyati mentions that he were given any other assault after locating approximately their marriage, she explains how he exclaimed he loves her, she controlled to calm him down however then his father got here blaming her for what happened, he even requested her the cash which she can be able to take to go away his son, Ram exclaims how did he dare speak to her like this so Ram turns in anger however Niyati stops him announcing there’s no want as she has instructed them she can be able to now no longer visit that residence, and except that she is ready there’s no relation among her and Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu’s father calls Sanjay announcing there isn’t even a unmarried medical doctor who can deal with his son however there’s such opportunist who’re looking to entice his son of their love, he ends the decision while Manaroma stops her brother. He going to Manaroma questions why are they now no longer capable of get their son healthful once more even if they have got earned a whole lot of cash, Manaroma says that a toddler additionally desires the affection of his mother and father however he being a father did now no longer have any time for him, he replies it’s far actual he become now no longer their for his son however he earned this cash in order that their son could by no means ought to see the poverty which they saw, he asks Manaroma to bear in mind the day they left Bihar. He warns that the lady need to now no longer come close to their son, and that they need to additionally order the guards, he asks her call while Kumkar exhibits it’s far Niyati, he immediately remembers of the daughter of his pal. Manaroma mentions it’s far only a coincidence.

Aanad asks Niyati to by no means visit the residence of Abhimanyu ever once more, she need to additionally by no means solution his calls if he ever attempts to or even asks the permission from Ram and Sulochana to deliver his mother and father as he desires to marry Niyati as early as possible.

Kumkar explains that Niyati is a kind-hearted nurse, she become the only due to whom Abhimanyu is getting healthful every day and he or she isn’t a awful person, and it’s far Abhimanyu who has commenced to like her however Niyati as she is ready to get married to a person else. Abhimanyu is ready to wake up, so Manaroma stops Kumkar. His father without delay is going to take a seat down beside him, Abhimanyu desires him to invite how he’s, he replies a father could continually be satisfied after assembly his son, he explains they’re simply praying for Abhimanyu to get healthful as quickly as possible, he asks how is he, Abhimanyu exclaims he can see for himself as he’s sitting Infront of him, he all over again hugs Abhimanyu while Kumkar sees how did he get harm, he even realizes that his hand is bandaged, so asks if he become the only who harm him while Kumkar exclaims he could have slapped Abhimanyu if he attempted to damage him however he were given harm due to the hurricane and the window which become left open. Abhimanyu exclaims he desires to relaxation due to the fact he’s feeling vulnerable however his father requests him to spend a while with him but Abhimanyu insists on resting, he lies down at the bed.

Niyati asks Aanad he instructed him that she wished a while however then Aanad stated that one desires time earlier than the thought is finalized however now the date has been constant and there’s not anything to fear approximately, Aanad exclaims he has were given a truely correct provide from Singapore and feels they each need to depart upon getting married, Niyati exclaims she doesnot need to move farfar from her mother and father however Aanad exclaims they recognize that they’re the most effective kids however their mother and father can come and go to them any time. Sulochana exclaims she feels they need to name the Pandit jee to set the time, Ram additionally concurs that they need to depart this u . s . as quickly as possible, Niyati leaves while Ram praises Aanad for now no longer telling the reality to Niyati, he responded that he has found out what Ram become announcing is genuinely the reality, Abhimanyu is the beyond of Niyati whilst he’s the destiny and he or she is his fine pal so he could definitely deal with her, she is now his responsibility. Aanad leaves the residence while Sulochana prays.

Niyati is in her room while her mom brings the glass of milk, asking Niyati to take a seat down down whilst she can be able to rub down her hair, Sulochana exclaims that a ladies desires the care of her mother and father and then they have got their husbands, Niyati exclaims she is feeling the whole lot in her existence is being achieved in one of these hurry due to the fact she at the start become indignant via way of means of the moves of Abhimanyu then papa insisted on her getting married and he or she become now no longer capable of refuse him, she is getting concerned considering Abhimanyu as he continuously says there’s a few connection among them each however she doesnot apprehend what this means, then Sulochana remembers how they each had been married of their childhood, Niyati calls her, Sulochana asks her to now no longer think about Abhimanyu.

In the morning Manaroma is having breakfast while the nurse comes exclaiming, she has been appointed as the brand new nurse of Abhimanyu, Manaroma asks if she has been up to date approximately the drug treatments which desires to be given, she concurs while Manaroma questions if she is aware of whatever else, she replies that she were given to recognize that Dr Aanad and Niyati have become engaged day after today. Manaroma exclaims that is what Abhimanyu need to now no longer discover out, he comes out asking what they’re looking to conceal from him.

Ram with the Pandit jee asks him to expose the fine time for the wedding, the pandit jee says that once witnessing the Kundali, day after today is the fine time for the engagement and the wedding may be held after one week, Aanad exclaims he doesnot have any trouble so even asks Niyati, she mentions she doesnot have any trouble with it, Ram mentions to Lata Didi that they each may be spouse and children from day after today, Sulochana brings the sweets, she alerts Niyati to searching for her benefits and Lata didi blesses her. Sulochana is concerned approximately the arrangements while Lata Didi assures there’s not anything to be concerned approximately, Ram thank you Niyati for accepting his selection as he’s most effective doing this for her higher destiny.

Abhimanyu comes down asking who she is, the nurse exhibits her call citing she is his new nurse he but asks wherein is Niyati, he attempts calling her however she doesnot solution his calls, praying that he continue to be healthful.

Precap: No precap.


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