Agar Tum Na Hote

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Niyati explains Abhimanyu is only a affected person for her and their can’t be any relation among them each, she exclaims she is uninterested with this comic story of his and if he ever talks approximately love once more then she can be able to depart this job, Niyati leaves while Abhimanyu receives some other attack, he getting into the rest room begins offevolved taking into consideration all the ones matters which Niyati stated to him how she can be able to depart, he activates the bathe and stands beneathneath it to don’t forget how Dr Aanad introduced that his own circle of relatives has organized his marriage with Niyati.

Niyati is attempting to name an car but no person is preventing while Aanad blows the horn of his automobile, he getting out mentions that it’s miles now 5 o clock and her shift has ended so can they visit have a coffee, she replies that her mother and father are looking forward to her but Aanad mentions they each want to speak and he or she need to now no longer fear approximately her mother and father as he has already talked with them, Niyati has the same opinion which places a grin at the face of Aanad, he opens the door for her.

Niyati is sitting with Aanad while he explains that he desired to invite her or marriage a long term in the past however every time he notion approximately it, he were given scared wondering what if she would possibly even cease their friendship which pressured him to stay quiet, Aanad but assures that their relation might stay simply as it’s miles now even after their marriage, he sees how quiet she is so asks her if she is satisfied with the marriage, he assures she will be able to inform him if she loves every person else but Niyati is quiet.

Manaroma sitting at the couch is gambling with Buzo while the employee comes speeding, caution approximately Abhimanyu, all of them rush to his room once they listen his cry for Niyati how he’s exclaiming he goes to return back and be with Niyati, he crushes the replicate which concerns Manaroma, however he leaves.

Niyati says that if she cherished every person then might have informed them before, Aanad asks then why is she tensed, the waiter brings the cake for his or her birthday party and the control additionally desires them a for his or her marriage, Niyati gets a name from Saira who asks her to place it on speaker, she desires Niyati or even Aanad, she asks him to maintain an eye fixed on Niyati and enjoy, they each reduce the cake while he even makes her devour a number of it.

Kumkar is attempting to chill out Abhimanyu however he in anger exclaims he wishes to be with Niyati and could kill every person who attempts to are available among him and Niyati, Kumkar asks Manaroma to name the doctor, however he isn’t responding, he then advises her to name Niyati but she exclaims she doesnot have her touch so consider taking it from the sanatorium.

Niyati is sitting with Aanad while she sees that the reviews of Misses Dixit have arrived, he locations the cell away citing they might ought to pay attention to Saira as no cell telephones are allowed, Niyati sees her cell while Aanad asks her to have coffee, Manaroma is attempting to name Niyati, however she isn’t answering, Abhimanyu leaves in anger exclaiming they’re seeking to take her farfar from him. Aanad assures he can extrade himself for her however Niyati replies that no person must extrade for a person else, the defend comes inquiring for Aanad to park his automobile withinside the returned as they’re approximately to begin repairing the road,

Niyati shows they must move returned however Aanad wants to await a few greater time, he exclaims he’s going to come returned sincerely soon, Niyati comes to a decision to move and attend the washroom she sees the ignored calls, she calls the sanatorium and is sincerely tensed to listen the news.

Ram is going to open the door wondering it’d be Niyati but he’s stunned to look Manaroma status there, Sulochana is likewise stunned to look her, she after a while calls her as Didi, welcoming her into the residence, she asks Manaroma why she is trying to find Niyati.
Niyati is jogging at the roads seeking to forestall an car but no person is preventing for her, she continues on jogging. Sulochana questions why does she need to locate Niyati,

Manaroma explains that her son is sincerely sick and most effective calling Niyati, Sulochana is stunned to listen that Abhimanyu is her son, she asks Ram if he heard, he replies he already is aware of approximately this, he explains that he noticed her withinside the automobile and accompanied her to the sanatorium however after locating the circumstance of Abhimanyu and his illness, he did now no longer had the braveness to satisfy her. Sulochana isn’t capable of stand, she exclaims Ram he knew the entirety that is why he preferred to get Niyati married to Aanad, Manaroma is stunned to listen this.

Niyati is speeding into the residence, Abhimanyu is tied up withinside the chair and calling Niyati, he explains he loves her and isn’t simply her affected person however additionally a lover, she can’t depart him as he’s going to now no longer be capable of stay with out her.

Manaroma requests them to name Niyati as she is the most effective one that can cope with him, Ram but replies that he can’t allow her move close to of him that is why he stayed farfar from her, Manaroma exclaims even she is aware of this and additionally noticed them withinside the sanatorium but she did now no longer need to are available the front of them however they must for now simply name Niyati as she is the most effective one that can deal with Abhimanyu.

Niyati asks them to allow him loose, he right away is going to face in the front of Niyati citing he loves her the maximum and so she must now no longer depart him,

Niyati requests him to chill out and now no longer fear but he replies even he doesnot pay attention to him so why must he, she mentions he has damaged the promise he made to her mom that he’s going to get the treatment, he yet again requests her to now no longer depart him, she mentions they’ll do a venture as he must take a deep breath, he refuses while she threatens to go away him, he’s pressured to simply accept it and calms down.

Niyati asks Abhimanyu to include her, she takes him into the room asking what he has performed due to the fact he has injured himself a lot, she begins offevolved bandaging him so he simply appears at her with eyes packed with love, Kumkar calls Manaroma, she right away asks if Abhimanyu is quality while he well-knownshows that Niyati got here to him in time and stored his lifestyles. Manaroma mentions regardless of how a whole lot they are trying to maintain them each away, Niyati has reached to be with Abhimanyu, she doesnot realize the obligation which she is doing is a debt from her past.

Niyati asks Abhimanyu to lie down, she takes out an injection however he stops her thinking what’s she doing, Ram turning exclaims he can’t destroy the lifestyles of his daughter even after understanding the entirety, Manaroma leaves the residence now no longer understanding that Aanad is hiding beside the door, he wonders what reality have been each Manaroma jee and uncle speaking approximately, how does it relate to each Niyati and Abhimanyu.

The episode ends.


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