Agar Tum Na Hote

Agar Tum Na Hote 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Niyati asks Ram what order has she now no longer listened to, Ram exclaims the order of marrying Aanad, Niyati asks why is he pressuring her from the previous day as she is aware of there’s some thing which he’s hiding, he begins offevolved to consider the activities whilst Sulochana asks what’s she announcing as all of the dad and mom are similar to they fear for his or her children, Niyati but exclaims her father isn’t always like that as he constantly recommended her to fulfil her goals however has been concerned for her marriage because the beyond days, Sulochana prays that the whole thing receives sorted, Niyati asks Ram however he feels dizzy and passes out, Niyati asks for a tumbler of water, Sulochana sprinkles it at him whilst Niyati calls Aanad asking him to return back domestic as papa has gotten unconscious.

Abhimanyu is sitting whilst Manorama coms asking who’s he ready for, he exhibits the call of Niyati whilst Manaroma asks him to prevent considering Niyati because it will simplest purpose ache, Abhimanyu exclaims she will quit any ache however the individual that is to deal with him has now no longer but come, Manaroma thinks approximately who the dad and mom of Niyati are, she exclaims her dad and mom won’t have universal her desire but Abhimanyu is positive that she can be able to come, now no longer for him however a affected person.

Niyati asks Lata aunti what may have occurred to Ram, Lata aunti exclaims she feels there’s not anything else, however he become laid low with strain however she doesnot recognize what strain does he have, he seems at Niyati after sitting up, Lata je exclaims she is a strain buster, Niyati additionally sitting questions why does he take a lot strain for her, Ram asks her to simply accept his choice and marry Aanad, as then all his strain might quit, Niyati asks why is he over again insisting on her marriage, Ram explains he’s her father and is attempting to get her married to a person exceptional only for the sake of her future, he goals that she receive this request and receive the suggestion to marry Aanad, Lata Didi exclaims they ought to permit Niyati have a few extra time but Ram exhibits he doesnot have any time, Sulochana thinks how he promised to show the whole thing to Niyati if he isn’t always capable of locate them inside seven days, she wonders what has occurred. Ram asks her to marry Aanad, Sulochana mentions that is the concern of the dad and mom for his or her daughter, Niyati feels concerned.

Abhimanyu is gambling ludo with Manaroma and his uncle whilst his uncle exclaims that it feels his coronary heart can’t continue to be calm, they each begin to tickle every different whilst Abhimanyu over again seems on the door, Manaroma exclaims the medical doctor has arrived, he greets them accompanied with the aid of using Niyati seeing whom Abhimanyu exclaims that he’s now exquisite excellent, Aanad additionally coming into exclaims she might be excellent as nowadays is a certainly glad day and explains that their dad and mom have agreed to their marriage, Niyati has additionally agreed to the marriage. Abhimanyu is left taken aback and sees them each, all of them desire Dr Aanad whilst he even asks Manaroma to desire them each, Aanad praises Abhimanyu citing that due to him Niyati agreed to marry him, he begins offevolved to provide all and sundry the candies which they’re pressured to take, Niyati sees Abhimanyu who’s wiping off his tears, she wonders why did Aanad needed to introduce it like this, Aanad exclaims he forgot withinside the happiness how they ought to now begin the check-up of Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu whilst mendacity down withinside the mattress is simplest seeing Niyati who’s busy in her work, Abhimanyu begins offevolved deliberating the moments he spent with her, along with the primary time whilst he held her in his arms, how she become the only to persuade him to get the remedy assuring there’s a remedy for his illness, she even stopped him whilst he become looking to run farfar from the health facility with the aid of using announcing that he doesnot love his mother, then the time whilst Dr Aanad introduced his wedding ceremony with Niyati sayings he additionally universal his suggestion, Dr Aanad sees that Abhimanyu is continuously searching at Niyati.

Abhimanyu is mendacity down withinside the mattress whilst Manaroma stands at the door, she stats crying whilst his uncle additionally involves her, explaining he’s certainly concerned approximately Abhimanyu as he has now no longer stated something after listening to approximately the marriage of Niyati, Manaroma exclaims she si additionally very concerned seeing the relation which he had made in his coronary heart for Niyati, she begins offevolved weeping questioning she doesnot recognize what he might experience like in spite of everything what has occurred.

Manaroma gets a name from her husband who explains that he has left for the airport and could arrive to them inside 3 hours, Jinker exclaims he knew that his brother-in-regulation might come for the happiness of his son, Manaroma thinks she doesnot recognize what his father might do after he involves recognize the reality approximately Niyati.

Niyati is with Dr Sharma who explains that he goes to exit of town for a while so every other medical doctor will attend the case of Abhimanyu, he even fingers Niyati a medication advising her to provide him simply 1/2 of of the pill due to the fact it’s far certainly strong, Aanad leaves with Dr Sharma exclaiming he desires to speak with him.

Abhimanyu is withinside the mattress whilst his uncle comes jogging in pleasure citing his father might arrive inside some hours, Abhimanyu asks who advised his father and why is he coming, he asks how he were given the time for him, his uncle exclaims that Abhimanyu is his son but he asks him to by no means speak approximately his father again. Aanad exclaims his shift has ended in order that they ought to go away however Niyati replies that there’s nonetheless 1/2 of an hour for her shift to quit, she asks Abhimanyu if she ought to supply him the drugs but he status asks Niyati what become the want to get married if she needed to run farfar from him, as she ought to have come immediately to him, Niyati but assures that she loves Aanad and is marrying him, she is going away announcing that Abhimanyu has no proper to speak like this due to the fact he’s neither a member of the family nor a friend, so ought to now no longer speak like this and he or she feels Aanad is the proper preference for her due to the fact he’s a medical doctor and a nicely settled person, she feels her father will constantly take the proper choice for her, Abhimanyu turning exclaims she has spoke back all of his questions, he is aware of she doesnot love Aanad however is marrying him due to her own circle of relatives pressure, she but getting mad exclaims he ought to now no longer speak like this due to the fact he’s only a affected person for her, their may be no different relation among them each, Abhimanyu mentions she is making amusing of his love for her.

Precap: Abhimanyu in anger questions why she now no longer loves him due to the fact she can’t do that to him, he’s coming to get her, Abhimanyu in anger hits the reflect breaking it whilst additionally injuring his hand, Manaroma attempts to name Niyati however she isn’t always answering it as Aanad has set apart her mobile. Ram rushes to open the door in pleasure questioning Niyati has come back, he’s but taken aback to peer Manaroma on the door.


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