Agar Tum Na Hote

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In the night time Ram mentions that their one selection have to now no longer destroy the destiny in their daughter and he feels that Aanad is the proper existence accomplice for Niyati, she asks then what approximately the fact approximately her past, Ram exclaims they have to overlook approximately it and now no longer even try and think about them, Sulochana prays that that is what she preferred and now Niyati might have a vivid destiny, Sulochana exclaims she can be able to pass and mild a Diya whilst Ram thinks he can’t inform her the fact due to the fact he located out that Abhimanyu won’t be capable of get healthful, he exclaims that is why he can’t display the fact.

Abhimanyu exclaims he’s leaving the health center the following day whilst Niyati questions why is he nonetheless making plans to run away even in spite of everything that has happened, Abhimanyu assures that his mom is the only who’s taking him farfar from this health center come hotel, and now the relaxation of his remedy will take area in his visitor residence, Niyati asks then why is he pronouncing this to her, Abhimanyu exclaims due to the fact he desires her to be the only to address his case, Niyati exclaims the health center makes a decision her case and it’s miles very late, Aanad attempts calling her however she doesnot answer, she asks Abhimanyu to give up the decision as Aanad is asking whilst Abhimanyu asks why does she have to speak with him, Abhimanyu exclaims he doesnot realize whilst he commenced liking her after which fell in love, Aanad in ager scolds Niyati asking why turned into she now no longer answering his calls, she asks why is he speakme like this so he apologizes citing he were given concerned, she explains Abhimanyu referred to as her which concerns him who asks why did Abhimanyu name her so late, she exclaims that he doesnot want any cause to name her as that is what he’s like.

In the morning Niyati is getting prepared whilst she gets a name from the nurse in fee who explains that her obligation has been modified and now she can be able to need to visit a residence obligation, Niyati asks how will she get the documents whilst the in fee exclaims that she can be able to get them on the residence, Niyati taking walks out asks Sulochana to now no longer pay the person that will come to restore the water purifier, then Ram popping out of the kitchen exclaims that the breakfast is prepared, Niyati exclaims she can be able to now no longer be capable of have it on account that she wishes to hurry for a go to however Ram insists that she consume it as that is her favored dish however she takes a chew praising how scrumptious it’s miles, Ram mentions similar to Aanad, he explains that if one maintains a person watching for see you later then they may emerge as transferring away which isn’t always an amazing aspect, Niyati concurs pronouncing she can be able to reflect onconsideration on it however for now wishes to depart. Sulochana needs Ram to inform the fact due to the fact first he turned into now no longer prepared to get her married however is now pressurizing her whilst Ram exclaims why is she nonetheless concerned whilst he’s considering the destiny of his daughter.

Niyati reaches the region she wonders if that is the acutal address, a canine seems from at the back of and begins offevolved strolling after her, she receives scared so attempts to run away whilst she bumps into Abhimanyu who caches her, he asks Buzo to now no longer be so ear as he might be scolded, Niyati questions if this canine is his puppy who’s so hyper, Abhimanyu replies certainly Buzo is his canine however whilst might she forestall judging absolutely each person, Niyati asks if that is his residence, he replies why might he live in a person else’s residence together along with his very own puppy, Niyati is aware he has referred to as her right here, Abhimanyu takes the bag from Buzo citing he has ruined it all, he asks her to now no longer be scared however she yet again receives taken aback whilst he walks her withinside the residence.

Aanad in anger scolds the in fee wondering why she permit Niyati take the case of Abhimanyu whilst he has in particular ordered it, does she now no longer fee her job, she replies this what the trustee additionally stated and he desired Niyati to wait this example even after she advised him of his orders, Aanad is certainly frustrated.

Niyati taking walks in exclaim she advised him that she can’t attend his case however even then why did he ask her, the trustee says that he has referred to as her right here due to the fact the daddy of Abhimanyu is a chum in their chairman who has asked him, Niyati exclaims that she can’t take this example due to non-public reasons, the trustee exclaims Niyati is a nurse and has to comply with their orders in any other case she may be fired, Abhimanyu asks why did Manaroma ask their father, she isn’t always capable of respond whilst Abhimanyu assures Niyati that he did now no longer realize she worried his father however Niyati can determine on her very own, Aanad coming from at the back of exclaims that he’s proper due to the fact the mother and father of Niyati do now no longer need her to take this example, Abhimanyu questions who’s he to intervene due to the fact it’s miles count number among him and Niyati, Aanad exclaims that he’ll constantly stand in among them both, Abhimanyu asks Manaroma to head and speak together along with her mother and father however Manaroma exclaims that they handiest have a tendency to speak with the ones whom they realize.

Niyati is taking walks whilst Aanad preventing her exclaims that she have to now no longer fear her mother and father or even gives to drop her domestic however she exclaims she can be able to depart on her very own, Aanad warns her to now no longer take this example as she would possibly get hurt, he leaves whilst Abhimanyu comes which angers Niyati who exclaims that she concept he turned into specific then different wealthy folks that try and use the pressure in their cash however he is likewise the same, he explains he simply got here to express regret due to the fact he is aware of she is the handiest person who can make certain he receives healthful but Niyati attempts to depart whilst he stops her preserving her hand, she insists he permit it pass exclaiming she doesnot realize if she can be able to come again however Abhimanyu exclaims she has to return back again due to the fact in any other case it’ll have an effect on his remedy, he mentions that he handiest popular he’s unwell due to the fact she cared a lot for the umbrella which her father proficient her, so he feels she may be capin a position to attend to him, she have to come as a nurse despite the fact that she doesnot bear in mind his like to be true.

Ram in anger is shouting at Niyati wondering why is she going to carry out her obligation even if he requested her to forestall from this example, Niyati replies that she has a obligation which wishes to be fulfilled ands it’s miles her obligation to make certain absolutely each person is healthful, but Sulochana exclaims that it’s miles one aspect to carry out a obligation however some other to threat ones existence, Ram exclaims that she has made a dependancy of now no longer accepting his orders, Niyati asks what has she now no longer popular, Ram replies she has now no longer agreed to marry Aanad, Niyati asks what has gotten into him due to the fact he has been forcing her on account that yesterday, she is certain he’s hiding some thing and need to display the fact.

Precap: Aanad famous that their own circle of relatives has organized their marriage and Niyati has additionally agreed, Abhimanyu is likewise taken aback whilst he asks why did she comply with marry Aanad in an effort to break out from him, Niyati explains Aanad is the proper desire for her however Abhimanyu questions whilst might she be given his love…


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