Agar Tum Na Hote

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Abhimanyu is mendacity down at the mattress, Ram closes the door with out telling all of us, the physician asks Manorama to now no longer fear as her son might be excellent until the morning, Manaroma asks him to now no longer sya that a mom ought to now no longer fear for her son.

Ram is status outdoor the door whilst Saira greets her, he asks what’s she nevertheless doing right here whilst she exclaims she is doing over time, she asks what’s he doing right here, he explains he forgot his glasses whilst he got here withinside the morning so determined them now, he asks what does she think about Abhimanyu, Saira replies she is dubious he can be capable of get wholesome again, Ram then asks who’re those humans with him, Saira explains that she is Manaroma who’s his mom and his uncle, Saira leaves whilst Ram additionally hides as Manaroma sees him, she comes out whilst her brother questions what happened, she exhibits that she felt a person changed into looking them, Abhimanyu calls her, they each rush inner so Ram walks away.

Abhimanyu sits up, Manaroma arms him a pitcher of water, he asks her to now no longer fear a lot in any other case she can be able to herself get sick and if she receives sick then who might cope with him, Manaroma questions she is a clearly terrible mom due to the fact she has now no longer been capin a position to attend to him,

Abhimanyu calling her pass over Panday exclaims he can not undergo if all of us says whatever towards his mom, she exclaims she isn’t always as she changed into now no longer capable of locate him for 6 months whilst he another time says he is aware of that she is the great mom withinside the whole world, Manaroma exclaims she can be able to attempt to be a mom and is aware of how she may be one, she asks the physician to put together for the release of her son, Dr Sharma asks if she is finishing the remedy,

Manaroma exclaims that he can be handled through the only whom he selects and al the remedies which he might be acquire might ought to be accepted through her first, she can be able to cope with the whole thing as her son might be handled in an area in which he doesnot ought to be saved in chains like this, Dr Sharma concurs whilst Abhimanyu exclaims how did she grow to be so robust that she even scolded Dr Sharma like this, he begins offevolved coughing whilst she asks him to chill out.

Ram is using the automobile questioning continuously approximately the fact which he determined out withinside the health facility and the way he promised Sulochana that he’ll discover the fact inside seven days, he begins offevolved deliberating all of the beyond recollections which he has.

Lata Didi is assisting Sulochana withinside the kitchen even as Aanad is placing the desk with Niyati, he sees Ram strolling in so exclaims that u8ncle has arrived, he is going to take his blessing however Ram doesnot respond, Niyati questions what has happened, she another time asks him and then he assures the whole thing is excellent,

Niyati says that Aanad sought his blessing however he did now no longer say whatever, Ram apologizes and blesses Aanad, Sulochana asks if his paintings has finished, Ram replies certainly it has, he’s clearly concerned whilst Sulochana exclaims then she can be able to serve the dinner as Aanad and Didi were ready given that long, Ram stops Niyati exclaiming he needs to speak together along with her whilst Sulochana mentions they are able to do it after the dinner however he insists on doing it now,

Niyati asks what happened, Ram replies he found out his responsibilities as she given that her formative years by no means did whatever so that it will spoil his recognition as all of us favored to have a daughter like her, he asks Lata jee so she additionally concurs, he exclaims she changed into continually first in research and now even paintings however being a father, he has failed, Niyati questions why is he speaking like this, Ram exclaims father ought to be concerned for his daughters destiny however he did now no longer do it, he’ll now no longer stay together along with her for long, she asks why is he speaking like this whilst he repliues that now it’s far the proper time,

she asks what does he mean, he exclaims it’s far the time for her to get married and Aanad will be the proper lifestyles accomplice for her, Sulcohana exclaims he will be the great for her, Ram exclaims given that it’s far her wedding ceremony so she might ought to determine due to the fact they each have taken it however now preference to invite her, he questions if she additionally concurs whilst Niyati asks why are they speaking approximately all of it of a sudden.

Abhimanyu asks Manaroma to take a seat down down as he needs to expose a secret, she questions if he has another time now no longer misbehaved, Abhimanyu mentions he has now no longer performed whatever purposefully due to the fact his coronary heart has fallen for Niyati, she has met her so what does she think about her, Manaroma begins offevolved deliberating Ram, whilst his uncle exclaims he’ll begin to have the communique from the next day however Abhimanyu requests him to chill out given that his destiny isn’t always positive so she ought to now no longer take a suggestion.

Niyati attempts to give an explanation for how she has by no means visible Aanad from that factor of view, Ram replies that you may alternate their factor of view, Sulochana thinks that he changed into now no longer prepared to marry her then how did his view alternate, Lata did asks Ram to now no longer be concerned due to the fact it’s far a huge choice and that they ought to permit Niyati determine, she asks if they are able to now have dinner given that it’s far smelling clearly nice, Sulochana concurs to set the desk, Ram thinks he has to get Niyati married to Aanad.

Manaroma asks Abhimanyu to now no longer be concerned and relaxation as that is the great for him, and any more his remedy might appear of their visitor residence, Abhimanyu exclaims now this will be lots a laugh for the staff, Manaroma doesnot apprehend whilst his uncle asks her to attempt to assume as though they shift him to the visitor room then might ought to lease a nurse and who’s the great nurse, Abhimanyu exclaims it’s far Niyati and that they each begin to rejoice, he says that Manaroma might now determine it, she is but tensed.

Niyati mendacity down at the mattress thinks her father continually insisted that she make her profession however now has requested for her to get married, how can she take the sort of huge choice in a hurry. She gets a name from Abhimanyu, who says she is napping in her mattress after giving him a surprise. she in surprise questions how he were given her touch variety.

Abhimanyu explains he were given it much like their first assembly due to the fact he closed his eyes and dialled the variety, much like their first assembly whilst his coronary heart clicked, Niyati questions how can he communicate a lot, Niyati explains she can be able to cease the decision because it doesnot appear an emergency, Abhimanyu replies it’s far essential that’s why he took her variety from Saira, she is ready to cease the decision whilst he exhibits he goes to depart the health facility.

Sulochana exclaims he might continually get mad whilst she pointed out the wedding of Niyati or even nowadays whilst Lata Didi pointed out the suggestion he left the residence for the workplace due to the fact he by no means meant to speak approximately it however then what modified that he got here again and accepted,

Ram exclaims he has now found out that he changed into incorrect and Sulochana changed into true, he feels simplest Aanad can maintain their daughter happy, for this all of them ought to neglect about approximately their beyond and flow on, Sulochana questions if he approach they ought to neglect about the beyond, Ram concurs give an explanation for how they ought to even ensure that Niyati by no means involves understand approximately the fact from her beyond.

Precap: Niyati exclaims it’s far clearly delicious, Ram mentions even Dr Aanad is a superb character so has she idea approximately him. Niyati reaches the visitor residence in which the trustee of the health facility explains he has referred to as her due to the fact simplest folks that Abhimanyu pick are allowed to stay right here, Abhimanyu assures that the whole thing will appear as she desires, Niyati is greatly surprised to listen this.


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