Agar Tum Na Hote

Agar Tum Na Hote 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr Anand is sitting in his workplace, while there’s a knock at the door, he asks them to return back inside, Niyati coming stands in the front of him, he asks what has passed off however she doesnot say whatever then he asks her what passed off, Niyati calls him Aanad, he’s concerned while he questions what has passed off to her due to the fact she broke her personal regulations and did now no longer say whatever, Niyati explains due to the fact she desired to speak to her buddy and asks Aanad if he feels what they did became proper, Dr Aand stands in frustration asking how oftentimes could they need to give an explanation for the equal situation, he indicates her the scans of the brains of Abhimanyu and mentions it has already commenced filling with gray remember and there has been no different manner left however to provide him the shocks as though that they’d given him injections it would have commenced affecting his kidneys or lungs.

Niyati explains that Dr Anand has now no longer found out the intentions of Abhimanyu, he would possibly have recognized his infection however now no longer his intentions due to the fact he paid the invoice of six lacs for a stranger, he’s continuously spreading love, Saira on foot withinside the corridor witnesses Abhimanyu being taken at the stretcher, she feels he isn’t the equal character who became continuously smiling.

Niyati attempts to give an explanation for that Abhimanyu could now no longer get the remedy withinside the health center and Dr Anand could have to attend to this situation as a nurse and now no longer the doctor.

Sulochana is withinside the residence while she opens the door, but is surprised to fulfill Lata Didi, Sulochana greets her asking if she became now no longer going to include Aanad on Sunday, Lata exclaims she did now no longer suppose she could come to go to them after searching on the calendar, Lata palms Sulochana their gifts,

Lata explains she can’t wait until Sunday, she exclaims Ram remains overdue and so she can be able to additionally scold him, Ram status on the door exclaims she will be able to scold him, as it’s miles the equal task which in no way ends at 5 and the spouse who continuously scolds him, he gives her to take a seat down down.

Ram additionally sits with Lata Didi, she explains that it’s been a long term in view that all of them had dinner collectively or even Aanad doesnot have time for even himself specifically after his advertising as he have become management head, Ram explains that is time to have fulfillment in life, Lata replies she is aware of this however she desires to stop this anxiety due to which she has come to them, Ram asks what can they do to resolve this problem, Lata je asks the hand of Niyati for Aanad, Lata je explains they each are formative years pals and are operating withinside the equal health center, Aanad additionally likes Niyati or even she likes her and if it became as much as her she could are becoming them each married of their formative years however now she is twenty 4 years antique so it is probably the proper time for marriage.

Niyati walks out of the workplace wherein she sees Manaroma status, they each have a take a observe every different while Niyati leaves, Manaroma begins offevolved recalling the beyond activities that have passed off.

Ram all at once exclaims he could need to depart for workplace, while Lata Didi asks Sulochana if this became some thing which she stated however Sulochana says that it’s miles not anything like that however there is lots of stress from paintings due to which he’s concerned, Lata asks Sulochana what does she consider the wedding among Aanad and Niyati, Sulochana replies that she feels they’re a really perfect in shape for every different and Niyati could be cherished of their residence.

Ram is on foot questioning how he has became down every and each suggestion of marriage and has been attempting to find them for the beyond twenty years, however Lata Didi is their personal so what excuse can he provide her, he sees a woman praying so he additionally prays that he ultimately meet the ones whom he has been searching, Ram sees Manaroma withinside the vehicle, he rushes to her but she leaves while Ram sits withinside the car and follows her vehicle as she has the solutions to his questions.

Niyati receives out of the car coming into the residence while she explains that she has introduced every and the entirety, Lata Didi asks why is she ignoring her, Niyati apologizes announcing she did now no longer see her due to the fact if she had then how should she have omitted her, Lata Didi asks Niyati if she is great to which she replies she is however Sulochana says she is demise due to the fact she almost were given killed on the palms of that intellectual patient,

Niyati asks why does she speak like this as Abhimanyu is unwell however may be cured, Lata Didi asks who’s this Abhimanyu, Aanad status withinside the door exclaims he’ll inform her, Sulochana greets him explaining she can be able to make some thing proper for dinner, Lata Didi gives to assist her however Sulochana explains how she is now giving her a threat to speak together along with her son, Niyati explains she can be able to come to her withinside the kitchen upon getting fresh.

Aanad asks his mom is she talked with uncle and aunti concerning his marriage with Niyati, he explains that he surely likes her and wants to handiest marry her, Lata replies she has talked with them each and also will optimistically speak with Niyati these days so he should relaxation confident.

Ram is following Manorama withinside the vehicle while she gets a name from her brother who explains Abhimanyu became now no longer feeling proper so she must additionally come, Manaroma asks the driving force to take a u turn, Dr Sharma is with Abhimanyu, the nurse calls him citing that Dr Sharma needs to speak with him, he explains that Abhimanyu’s frame is experiencing the aspect results of surprise remedy and is shivering so Aanad explains that they have got to first stabilize the coronary heart fee and then they could take the determined course, he is of the same opinion while Aanad ends the name.

Niyati status in the back of asks what has passed off however Aanad doesnot say whatever and asks her to relaxation confident as it’s miles not anything regarding her patients, Sulochana asks her to provide him tea, all of them take a seat down down while Aanad complains to Sulochana that Niyati would possibly quickly destroy her promise as she is constantly performing just like the nurse, however he advises her to be his buddy outdoor the health center much like him as he’s her buddy right here however withinside the health center he’s her boss, she should handiest cope with herself and him.

Ram is following Manaroma withinside the health center, he follows her to the ground questioning what she is doing withinside the health center of Niyati.
Manaroma enters the room going to Abhimanyu, she asks him to be great as then they could ensure the entirety is going to the manner it became, Abhimanyu establishing his eyes explains not anything passed off to him and he became simply performing, Manaroma exclaims he’s even mischievous whilst being unwell, he exclaims he doesnot tears in her eyes and he or she should be happy,

Manaroma accepts there could be no tears while he receives great, Ram on foot outdoor recollects how he confident he could inform Niyati the whole reality if he isn’t capable of discover them inside seven days, he appears thru the door and sees Abhimanyu’s uncle, he opens the door however is stunned to look Abhimanyu mendacity down at the bed, he’s stunned wondering that Abhimanyu is the equal patient, who Niyati became speakme about.

Precap: Abhimanyu exclaims that his silly coronary heart has commenced liking Niyati and he or she might be the only to deal with him, Ram asks Niyati to just accept his order and conform to marry Aanad. Dr Aanad pronounces in the front of Abhimanyu that their households have organized their marriage, Abhimanyu withinside the room exclaims she can’t move farfar from him and he’s coming to be together along with her, he in anger breaks the glass. Manaroma asks each Ram and Sulochana to name Niyati due to the fact her son surely wishes her assist.


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