Agar Tum Na Hote

Agar Tum Na Hote 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saira involves Niyati, attempting to speak approximately Abhimanyu however Niyati replies she doesnot need to speak approximately him as she has promised her mom that she can be able to live farfar from him, Niyati rushes to the door however stops to don’t forget how she promised her mom that she can be able to live farfar from him.

Dr Aanad coming to Manaroma explains it’s miles not possible to exit the use of the window doorways and he’s going to most effective use the the front gate to depart, as it’s miles the most effective way, Abhimanyu has disguised himself withinside the ward boy attire, he listening to the alarm enters a room in which a boy exclaims he simply got here to satisfy his sister, Abhimanyu says that he must live internal as there may be a intellectual man or woman on foot withinside the clinic premises, he sees the wheelchair so mentions he observed the way.

Niyati is looking after the sufferers however is continuously considering what Abhimanyu stated to her that he has been tied on this room due to her even as no person turned into capable of trap him for the beyond six months, the affected person asks Niyati why the alarm turned into going off asking if there was a fire, Niyati assures that the whole lot is fine.

Abhimanyu is taking the traveler at the wheelchair while Dr Anand sees him, he asks him to prevent however Abhimanyu runs after pushing him away, he rushes right all the way down to see his uncle so wonders how could he go away as Dr Aanad is following him one facet even as his uncle at the different, he then rushes to the down corridor and begins offevolved on foot however turning down sees his mom status at the back of him, he makes use of the emergency excite to stroll right all the way down to the decrease floor, however earlier than can cross any in addition he sees Niyati, he even attempts to run away while she says he’s a liar asking if he doesnot love his mom, he isn’t always capable of flow while Manorama comes together along with her brother,

she says if he cherished her then could experience their ache and try and take delivery of it, she says he stated he’s jogging away due to the fact he doesnot need every body to experience his ache however even as being away the emotions can’t end, he has a variety of electricity and may even combat a whole clinic for a unmarried ladies then why can he now no longer have his remedy started, his mom has been jogging after him from one town to any other for the beyond six months, so he must get the remedy.

She mentions she isn’t always pronouncing this to have him live however most effective due to the friendship which turned into fashioned among them both, Niyati leaves even as Abhimanyu takes to the air the mask, he sees his mom and forestalls crying, then on foot closer to her he selections her fingers citing Niyati usually has a tendency to get him withinside the feeling of guilt as he turned into jogging for 6 months and no person turned into even capable of trap him however she has the dependancy of creating him agree with he turned into wrong, he doesnot recognize how she got here into his life,

Manaroma realizes what she had visible approximately Niyati, Abhimanyu then maintaining his ear begins offevolved doing sit-ups apologizing to Manorama ,she recollects how he could do it while he turned into young, he even requests her to by no means pay attention to what Niyati stated as he loves her the most, he even asks her if he must take off his shoes, she asks him to prevent, he assures now the whole lot could manifest simply as she desires, he could now no longer run away anymore however is that this essential to get the remedy on this clinic because it feels that he’s a affected person and he doesnot need to assume like that, can she take him farfar from this place,

Manaroma begins offevolved wondering how she is aware of the daddy of Niyati, he asks if she is even paying attention to what he has been seeking to provide an explanation for, Manaroma assures she can be able to take him away however he must simply begin taking the remedy, Abhimanyu asks if she forgot that he doesnot smash any of his promise, Dr Aanad sees Abhimanyu with Manorama so asks the nurse to trap him, Manorama explains he has agreed to get the remedy, Abhimanyu replies they may be maintaining him as though he is a few type of a crook however he’s the hero, Dr Aanad says he must now no longer try and act 3 humans were given harm due to him,

Abhimanyu asks if he requested every body to comply with him and he says that they must additionally admit the ones humans into the clinic, Abhimanyu exclaims he has now no longer had something to devour for the reason that morning so can he have a cup of tea, but Dr Aanad says that he must be taken to room ten, then Abhimanyu exclaims he can stroll with the aid of using himself and is going to the room.

Dr Anand receives him tied to the mattress while Abhimanyu questions what he’s doing, Dr Anand says that he could determine what does Abhimanyu wishes, he orders his employee to put together for an ECG, Abhimanyu attempts to provide an explanation for he doesnot need any of the precise remedy due to the fact if he had the sort of severe contamination then his vintage medical doctor could have given him the surprise but Abhimanyu begins offevolved panicking calling his mom, Abhimanyu recollects how he slapped Dr Aanad so apologizes to him however he appears at him in anger, Niyati enters the room asking Dr Aanad if Abhimanyu genuinely wishes such an in depth remedy, Dr Sharma questions what’s this as do they genuinely should take the recommendation of a nurse, Niyati attempts to provide an explanation for she simply desires to recognize what’s the need,

Dr Sharma asks her to comply with him, he is going to Manaroma explaining he has studied the case of Abhimanyu and in conjunction with Dr Aanad they have got concluded he could be handled with the surprise remedy as a few different sufferers were given wholesome due to it, Dr Aanad explains they could should agree with them with this remedy and have to fulfil a few necessities for the remedy to begin, Manaroma symptoms and symptoms the papers, even as Dr Anand appears at Niyati earlier than leaving in anger, Niyati sees Manorama crying so leaves with out pronouncing something.

Abhimanyu is continuously traumatic them to depart him due to the fact he doesnot need the surprise remedy, Dr Aanad walks into the room while he attempts to request that he doesnot need this remedy, he even calls Niyati who’s status on the window of the room even as considering the beyond months which she spent with him and the way he cared for her, assuring they could meet as soon as again.
Abhimanyu is being given the injections and then he receives subconscious and that they begin for the electrical shocks,

Niyati is in surprise after seeing how Abhimanyu begins offevolved shivering after receiving the shocks, he after a while stays regular while Dr Sharma exclaims it’s miles perfect, Dr Aanad appears for any motion in his eyes, the deliver him with oxygen, even as Manaroma is status on the reception, Dr Anand sees Niyati status withinside the window and receives irritated together along with her.

Precap: Dr Aanad’s mom requests for the concept of Niyati, her father sees Manaroma stepping into a vehicle so follows her to the clinic in a hurry he’s but now no longer capable of trap her as she receives on a lift, he starting the door what’s she doing withinside the clinic of Niyati.


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