Team India ICC Men's T20 World Cup Squad 2022 Announced

Again The Threat Of PCB! If India Does Not Come, We Will Not Play The World Cup, Ramiz Raja Clearly Declared: Recently, there was a possibility of the Indian cricket team set foot on Pakistan soil. 2023 ODI Asia Cup Pakistan Cricket Board. In a letter sent by the BCCI to state bodies, it was made clear that India will participate in four major multi-team tournaments next year, including the 2023 Asia Cup. As a result, cricket lovers were bracing for a chance to see India play on Pakistani soil. But Jai Shah has made it clear that the Rohit Sharma-led Indian cricket team will not set foot on Pakistani soil to participate in the 2023 Asia Cup. He said that they will propose to host the Asia Cup at a neutral venue as it has been organized before. One thing is clear for BCCI under no circumstances will they set foot on Pakistani soil.

Since the 2008 Mumbai terror attack, relations between the two countries have deteriorated, affecting cricket as well. Since that incident, India and Pakistan have played only one ODI and one T20 bilateral series. The series was held in India in 2012. Pakistan returned to India to win the ODI series at the service, but the T20I series was a draw.

The two countries now only face each other in some form of multi-party competition. Despite not playing a bilateral series, there was a possibility of an Indian team going to Pakistan after almost 15 years. But Board Secretary Jai Shah made it clear, “The government will decide whether the team will go to Pakistan.” So we have nothing to say about it. But we are trying to move the next Asia Cup to a neutral venue, where India will have no problem participating.”

In addition to being the BCCI secretary, Jai Shah also served as the chairman of the Asian Cricket Council. So he can arrange to host the Asia Cup at a neutral venue if he makes some effort. That is, the responsibility of organizing the tournament will be in the hands of the Pakistani board, but the tournament will be held in some other country instead of on the soil of Pakistan. Just like BCCI hosted the 2021 T20 World Cup in UAE instead of India due to Corona.

After knowing this, the fans of Pakistan became furious. Pakistan cricket lovers claim that if India really decides not to set foot on Pakistan’s soil to play the Asia Cup, then their country will boycott the 2023 ODI World Cup organized by the ICC. Then the Pakistan Cricket Board also gave their response in this regard. They said, “Pakistan was given the responsibility to host the ACC Asia Cup with full support from the ACC board members. After presiding over the ACC meeting, Jai Shah’s statement on the transfer of the ACC Asia Cup is clearly unilateral. It does not follow the philosophy and spirit for which the Asian Cricket Council was formed in 1983. The overall effect of such statements is likely to divide the Asian and international cricket communities. Pakistan’s tour of India in the 2023 ICC ODI World Cup and future ICC events in India between 2024-2031 may also be affected by the statement. The PCB has not yet received any official explanation from the ACC regarding the ACC president’s statement. The PCB requests the Asian Cricket Council to convene an emergency meeting of its board as soon as possible to discuss this important and sensitive matter.”

However, no such meeting was held. But Ramiz Raja has made it clear that they are not budging from their position. At the moment their main aim is to make Pakistan cricket economically stronger. For that Pakistan, cricketers need to show good performance. Pakistan reached the finals of the Asia Cup and T20 World Cup this year. But in both cases, they had to face defeat.


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