After burning the priest alive in Rajasthan, a priest has been shot dead in Gonda district in a land dispute in Uttar Pradesh  . This case is  of Tirre Manorama of Kotwali Itiathok area. It is being told that  the priest of Shri Ram Janaki temple was shot at around 2 pm on Saturday night. The priest Atul Baba alias Samrat Das was seriously injured by the bullet. He was brought to the district hospital for treatment. Being serious, doctors have referred him to Lucknow. This matter is also being reported as a land dispute.   

Kotwal Sandeep Kumar Singh told that Atul Baba aka Samrat Das Ram Janaki worships in the temple Tirre Manorama and has lived on the temple for the last two years. At around 2 pm on Saturday, some people came and shot at the temple premises. The temple’s priest Sitaram Das has given tahrir against four people. 

Kotwal Sandeep Kumar Singh said that a case has been registered against the four accused in the attempt to kill them. More are being searched. He said that there is a dispute over the land related to the temple. The hand of the land mafia is being told behind the incident. Police have currently taken two people into custody in connection with the incident. However, she is not confirming it yet.

Why was the priest murdered in Rajasthan

According to Rajasthan Police, the incident was from Bukna village in Sapotra. On Wednesday there, a temple priest Babu Lal Vaishnav was attacked by five people. It is alleged that these people, trying to occupy the cultivated land near the temple, opened fire on the priest by spraying petrol. According to the police, before dying, the priest had told the police that Kailash Meena along with his companions Shankar, Namo, Kishan and Ramlakhan were occupying the temple enclosure and covering thatch. When I protested, put petrol and set it on fire. My family lives by cultivating 15 bighas of land in the temple.

How the controversy started:
Babulal Vaishnav worshiped in the old Radhakrishna temple of Bukna village in Sapotra tehsil. The villagers donated the cultivated land for the temple, which is recorded in the temple apology in the revenue records. About a month ago some people started trying to occupy the land. The priest had complained about this. 4-5 days ago, there were meetings of 100 houses in the village, in which the Panchas supported the priest.


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