The people of Delhi are facing the stifling wind after about eight months. From February onwards, air quality was generally good at first due to western disturbances coming at regular intervals, then lockdown and later monsoon. Even if the quality deteriorated slightly in between, it remained for a day or two and reached the poor category only. However, now the air quality index has started reaching very poor category.

Delhi’s wind is now entering its worst phase. With the onset of winter, the wind starts from the northwest or west direction. The wind speed slows down, causing pollution to stay in the air for a long time. Due to the long rains, the soil becomes brittle and flies high in the air. The air of Delhi is now beginning to cool down at night. Due to this, the air quality index reached the 303 mark in the morning.

The improvement was still expected
due to the low air pressure area in the Bay of Bengal. It was expected that there would be a change in wind direction in Delhi and people would get some relief from pollution. However, its impact on Delhi has not been seen. According to Safar, air quality has improved in Mumbai and Pune due to its impact, but Delhi has not generally been affected. Safar estimates that the air quality is not expected to improve significantly in the next two days.

in stubble burning The incidents of stubble burning have been recorded further in the border parts of Punjab-Haryana and Pakistan. According to Safar, 675 incidents of stubble burning were reported on October 12. Its smoke and pollution arising from local sources of Delhi have overshadowed the environment, which is deteriorating air quality.

Take these precautions:
Pollution has an effect on the internal organs of lungs and heart as well as the external organs of the body. Pollution can be avoided to some extent by adopting some home remedies.
– Whenever you go out of the house, go with a mask.
Try to stay at home most of the time
– If you want to get out then come out when the pollution level is low.

Ayurvedic Remedy
– According to Dr. Rajpal Parashar, Medical Superintendent of Panchkarma Hospital, Delhi, diseases can be avoided to a large extent by adopting Ayurvedic remedy.
– To avoid pollution, drink water of basil leaves daily.
– Drink warm milk every day. By doing this the lungs can be protected from dust particles.
– To remove frozen phlegm and dirt in the lungs, eat black pepper mixed with honey.
– If pollution increases or even after eating in general, eat a little jaggery.
Jaggery cleans blood. It reduces the effects of pollution
– add ginger juice and mustard oil to the nose. Add it drop by drop.
– Drink as much water as possible.



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