The year 2020 may not have been good for any of us, but many Bollywood celebs have become parents. One of them is also Amrita Rao. In the month of November, Amrita Rao gave birth to Baby Boy Veer. During an interview, the actress told how life changes after having a baby and how many responsibilities have to be performed.

Amrita Rao says, “I see Son Veer everyday and wonder if this is true?” The first thing that Baby Zindagi teaches you is time management and discipline. Motherhood is full of many emotions. Excitement, fatigue, love, teasing, happiness and entertainment are included. Nanny is not kept at home. I and Anmol do all of Baby’s work together. From changing her nappy, bathing her, massaging and playing. Anmol tells me that after becoming a mother, I have started feeling hot. I think every woman starts looking hot after becoming a mother. ”

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Amrita Rao says that by the year 2020 mothers will have very good stories to narrate to Baby. The pregnancy of the year 2020 was filled with junk food and food for my mother. The phone was away and I was mentally more relaxed. When your husband is with you during the entire pregnancy, it is a good thing for everyone. Shopping online for Baby has also been a unique and special experience for me.


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