Bollywood actress Amrita Rao has shared her Motherhood Experience. He has mentored many such things about his experience, which hardly anyone will know about. She has admitted in an interview that becoming a mother is not easy as motherhood is the most difficult role in her role so far. Amala, who has had to go through all the troubles in caring for her baby, has also told about this.

In a special conversation with Pinkvilla, Amrita Rao while answering a question said that I stay awake all night for my son. So that I can give him milk. It’s not like your shift ends and you have to sleep during the day. Veer (son) continues to eat every day. Now I have to put myself in another priority. Motherhood is the most difficult role I have played so far.

Describing the problems Amrita has faced since becoming a mother, she says that there are many things that your parents forget by the time you are a parent, so no one Can’t really prepare for the trip. You have to decide your journey yourself. Everyday we have to mold ourselves in a new form. Every little thing also has to be ignorant for the child to be happy for him. Whether it is your sleep or something.

Amrita, who became a new-born mother, also told that her son does not have a nanny. She believes that a mother should spend more and more time with her child so that they can understand her better.

Praising her husband Anmol, Amrita says that Anmol is a handsome dad. He was excited to give Veer a bath from day one. When I needed help, he would accompany me at night. He also changes Veer’s diaper and can handle Veer without me. I call him Japa Papa of Veer.

Amrita Rao married in 2016 after dating RJ Anmol for about 7 years. The duo’s love affair started when Amrita reached Anmol’s radio show to promote her film. After four years of marriage, in the year 2020 Amrita gave birth to a son. The son is named Veer. The couple is currently very happy in their married life. Amrita was last seen in the film Thackeray alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui.


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