After Bappi Lahiri's hospitalization, son Bappa gave health update, said this

Famous singer Bappi Lahiri was recently found infected with the Corona virus, after which he was admitted to the hospital. Bappi Da’s son Bappa Lahiri has given information about his current situation. He said, “Bappi Da’s condition is improving and I hope that he will return home from the hospital soon.”

According to sources, he has been admitted to Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai where his condition is improving rapidly. Earlier, Bappi Lahiri’s daughter Rama had also given information about her father’s position. He had said, “Bappi Da is fine now and his health is improving rapidly. We hope that he will be among all of us soon.”

Rema appealed to the people

Bappi Da’s daughter Rema Lahiri shared a post on Twitter, appealing to the people. He wrote, heartfelt gratitude to the lovers of Bappi Da. I appeal that everyone who has come in contact with Bappi Da must get the coronavirus test done. At the same time, Bappi Da’s spokesperson asked the fans for his blessings. He said, “I appeal to all of you to pray for Bappi Da. Hopefully, he will be among us soon.” Fans also wrote an emotional message for Bappi Da. One user wrote, “I wish to God that Bappi Da is well soon.” At the same time, another user wrote, “I hope that Bappi Da will be among us soon.”


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