After all, why was there a scuffle between Rajiv Kapoor and Salman Khan? There was a fight over this actress

Bollywood veteran actor Rajeev Kapoor died on 9 February last month. Hearing the news of which, the whole Bollywood was seen celebrating mourning 58-year-old Rajiv Kapoor had a heart attack, after which he was taken to a nearby hospital but he could not survive. Please tell that actor Rajiv Kapoor married architect Aarti Sabarwal in the year 2001, but after a few days this marriage could not last much. In 2003, both of them got divorced. We are going to tell you an anecdote related to him in this story, when an actress in Salman Khan and Rajiv Kapoor had a scuffle.

According to media reports, shooting of Rishi Kapoor’s film Hina and Salman Khan’s film Sanam Bewafa was going on at the same place. Teams from both films were also staying in the same hotel. But suddenly Raj Kapoor passed away, who was making the film Hina. But after his departure, Rajeev, Randhir and Rishi Kapoor together completed Hina’s work. Pakistani actress Jeba Bakhtiar was the heroine in the film. Which Salman Khan approached to take him to dinner one night.

When Rajiv Kapoor came to know that Salman Khan had invited Jeba to dinner, he was very angry because Rajiv did not want Jeba’s name to be added elsewhere. When Jeba arrived with Salman Khan for dinner, then Rajiv Kapoor also reached the same place and sat at the same table. According to the media report, the talk of both of them had increased so much that the scuffle reached.


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