NASA Artemis 1 Moon Rocket Launch

After 50 Years, Man Will Go To The Moon Again, NASA’s Artemis Mission Starts Today: NASA has many responsibilities now. Lunar expeditions will rock the world soon. Mars and Venus should also pass. Currently, massive planning is underway for NASA’s lunar mission Artemis 1. The mission has five parts, including the plan to land humans on the moon. NASA has made the world’s most powerful rocket to take astronauts to the moon, not in a spaceship. This rocket will fly from the ground of the earth and land on the moon.

After 50 years, NASA will take people to the moon again. His struggle has begun. The first phase of NASA’s Artemis mission begins today. Artemis-1 rocket will fly toward the moon today. Its main objective is to monitor possible landing sites for landing on the Moon. It is a non-passenger operation. After this, the test will continue in the same way. Then the NASA rocket will go to the moon with Navaschar.

The countdown has begun. NASA’s Orion capsule will fly at 11:30 am Indian time. 25 days package. Orion will circle the moon and identify landing sites. The space rocket will check whether the life support system for the astronauts is working properly or not.

Preparations for NASA’s next lunar mission are in full swing. NASA is building the first ‘Lunar Space Station in the Moon’s orbit. The name of this project is ‘Gateway to Moon’ or ‘Artemis’. There is a lot of risk in sending a spacecraft to the moon by overcoming the illusion of the strong gravitational force of the earth. Therefore, research can be carried out sitting there if the Lunar Space Station. Once again a vehicle can be built and sent into space.

NASA has developed the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket to travel to the Moon. John Honeycutt, manager of the program, said that all subsequent missions after the Artemis-1 mission will be very complex. There are big plans to take people to the moon. The lunar station also needs to be completed. So there was a need for a rocket that would be technologically advanced and powerful. That is why the SLS rocket was created. Its RS-25 engine will generate plenty of power. Astronauts can spend very little time on the moon or on other space missions.

Like Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin 55 years ago, humans will not set foot on the moon for a very short time this time. Perhaps the astronauts will conduct research on the moon for a week. Artemis has many such plans. For that ‘The Space Launch System (SLS)’ and spacecraft ‘Orion’ have been developed. The space rocket will check whether the life support system for the astronauts is working properly or not.

The International Space Station (ISS) is about 370 km above Earth. US space agency NASA, Russia’s Roscosmos, Japan’s JAXA, Europe’s ESA, and Canada’s CSA—The ISS was built between 1998-2011 by the joint efforts of these five space research centers. And the Lunar Space Station is being built 380 thousand kilometers away from Earth. NASA said that initial work on building the space station will be completed by 2023. The second phase, i.e. the construction of fully habitable shelters with the newts, will be completed by 2028.


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