Shraddha Murder Case

Aftab Poonawala Narco Test Completed In Delhi FSL Case Of Shraddha Walker Murder: Aftab reveals everything about Shraddha’s murder in the Narco test. He said he was killed in an instant. But he said that he is not sorry that he committed the murder and that he is ready to accept any punishment. The police have conducted a narco test on the accused Aftab in the Delhi Shraddha Walker murder case. A narco test was conducted for Aftab at Ambedkar Hospital in Delhi. Police said Aftab is in perfect health and has answered all questions. Aftab’s narco test lasted for 2 hours. Aftab was kept under medical supervision for an hour. Aftab was brought back to Tihar jail under tight security after a medical examination.

Aftab reveals the shocking truth of the narco test. Shraddha boasts that she has no regrets about killing Walker in the worst possible way. He said he didn’t feel pain even though he was in the tree. He said that he did not feel any pain when he mutilated the body. Aftab said that he made 20 friends while living with Shraddha. Doctors said that Aftab passed the narco test successfully. What questions did the authorities ask Aftab? What did he answer? Let’s see.. Question: Aftab… Did you kill Shraddha yourself? A: Yes. this is me

Question: Why kill? A: There was a fight

Q: Who else helped you? A: It’s just me

Do you really like the attention? Did you take him from Mumbai to Delhi with a plan to kill him? The answer is yes. That he conspired to kill Shraddha in the past? Evidence that he attacked appeared. If you ask if it is true in the same article, it is not … it is not … Q: Does Shraddha really like him? A: Yes

Q: Did you bring Shraddha from Mumbai to Delhi with the intention of killing her? A: Hmmm..

Question: Did you try to kill Shraddha? A: (shouting)

Aftab had confessed that he killed Shraddha on May 18. But after the murder, he chose to leave Delhi and went to Mumbai. He revealed during the narco test that he kept the body in a refrigerator and went to Mumbai. He said he bought a 300-liter refrigerator under the scheme. Q: Did you go to Delhi from Mumbai after killing Shraddha? A: I went there. Shraddha puts the body in the fridge.

Q: Did you buy a 300-liter refrigerator to keep the body? A: Yes..

Seeking attention, Aftab followed the crime’s motives. He said he came up with his plan after watching the American detective series Dexter. Aftab said that after watching the movie, he beat the body 35 times so that the truth would not come out. Q: How did you get such an idea? A: I have seen it in movies

Q: What are these movies? A: DEXTER

Q: How many pieces did you cut the body into? A: 35? Q: Using the same weapon? A: No.. I use a lot

Q: Why did you do all this? A: Don’t let the truth come out

Shraddha said from the beginning. He did not say why he was killed. When asked if his family knew about his behavior, he said no. Q: Since when is the opening flashed? A: A long time

Q: Relationship with how many other girls besides Shraddha… A: (pause)

Q. Did you like it? Why did you break it up? A: (pause)

Q: Does your family know about Shraddha’s murder? A: No.

Aftab confessed to his crime by revealing the same details in the narco investigation as he said in the polygraph. Aftab’s love affair with Shraddha and some other girls has already come out in the investigation. It was found that he raped more than 20 girls and after killing Shraddha, he put the body in the fridge and brought another lover home. The police also found out who he was. But it seems he was also treated as a victim and counseled.

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