Afghan artist made this portrait of PM Modi, Prime Minister said thank you

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in discussion these days about his enlarged beard and hair. Many people like this look very much. Now meanwhile, a picture of PM Modi has been made. This photo has been shared by PM Modi himself. Please tell that this picture has been made by the portrait artist of Afghanistan.

This portrait of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been made by the portrait artist Hamdullah Arbab of Afghanistan. Sharing the picture, Prime Minister Modi wrote, “Thank you, Brother, Hamdullah Arbab, this is a wonderful picture. I feel honored. Afgan-Hind Dosti Zindabad. ”

Let us tell that Hamdullah Arbab is a famous portrait artist of Afghanistan. He shared the portrait of PM Modi on Twitter on 9 February. He has 39.5 k followers on Twitter. His Twitter handle has portraits related to many other personalities and issues that he has created.


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