Advise To Mate In Front! Then The Tantric Killed The Couple By Pouring Horrible Glue, Cutting Them, And Cutting Their Throats: The Tantrik knew about the illicit relationship of the young woman despite being married. The couple threatened to frame her in a false case of molestation as soon as she informed her family. After that, to take revenge, the tantric asked the young men and women to have sex in front of him, poured superglue on them, cut their throats, and murdered the couple.

The infernal incident took place on November 15 in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The accused Tantric’s name is Valesh Kumar. The 55-year-old Tantric Vadavi had been staying at the Ichchapurna Bhabhaji temple in the Guda area for the past 7-8 years. Local residents used to come to him for solving various problems. The names of the deceased youth are Rahul Meena (30) and Sonu (28).

According to police sources, both Sonu and Rahul were married separately. Their family members used to regularly travel to the tantric named Valesh Kumar to solve various problems. Rahul and Sonu meet there. Within a few days, the two got involved in an illicit relationship. After that, Rahul started quarreling with his wife. Rahul’s wife approached Valesh Kumar to get rid of the marital discord.

Valet came to know about Rahul and Sonu’s relationship. According to the police, he had become weak towards Sonu. So, as soon as Rahul’s wife comes to him, Valesh informs her about their relationship. After that, there was chaos in Rahul’s house. After learning that Valesh had told his wife everything, he and Sonu threatened to frame Valesh in a false case of molestation. Valet was scared by that. He plans to kill the two to get rid of the trouble and take revenge.

According to the police, Valesh planned to kill the two in such a way that after the murder everyone would know that the two had an illicit relationship. He thought that no one would suspect him. Just like that, he buys 50 tubes of Superglue, super glue from the store. Then he pours all the glue into a bottle.

He then asks Rahul and Sonu to come to a clearing in the nearby Kelabawadi forest. He then asks the couple to have sex in front of him as a way to settle their problems.

Rahul and Sonu indulged in sex in the forest as he said. He then pours superglue from the bottle onto the copulating couple as planned. His trick was that if the two died while having intercourse, he would be completely off the list of suspects.

But after being stuck in the glue for a long time, Rahul and Sonu start trying to break free from each other. And while doing so, their skin starts to tear. Rahul’s genitals are torn from his body. Sonu’s private parts also get bruised. At that time Valesh jumped on them. He killed Rahul by cutting his throat with a knife. That tantric killed Sonu too. After that, he fled from the area.

After this incident, the police recovered two dead bodies from the forest. The police assumed the matter to be an honor killing in the preliminary investigation. But after examining the CCTV footage of the area, the investigators realized that Valesh was somehow involved in the entire incident. After that, the investigators called him to the police station and started questioning him. Valet broke down under interrogation and confessed to the murder.

He has already been arrested. The police are trying to take the accused into their custody and interrogate them further. Investigators are also investigating whether there is a love triangle in the incident.


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