Delhi: Police arrested wife for murder of husband, know how truth emerged

Adulterated Milk: Umm… Not Milk.  Milk Sold In Andhra Pradesh Unsafe Adulterated Know Shocking Details Telugu News: Is there oil in your milk? Or…! Well, at least there is urea. Don’t think about oil and urea in milk! This is not a Colgate-type ad…! Fraud by milk mafia…! They are turning pure milk into poison. Artificial milk is made by mixing urea and oil.

If you wake up in the morning and have hot tea, but for some people, it does not start the day. For some, the day starts with coffee. Like this, everything in daily life is full of milk! Such milk is now adulterated. What’s more, what you are drinking is not real milk. Palakuta poison which looks like milk. Nothing is unworthy of adulteration! It’s happening right now. Adulterers are especially targeting food items. They are adulterating milk that is used regularly. In many places in AP, the adulterated milk scandal is creating a stir. The same color… same taste… no difference at all! Compared to the original milk, they are thicker… good. If you drink any milk… It is sure to be hospitalized! If you don’t recognize the difference between the original and the fake, there will be trouble! Recently adulterated milk has created a stir in the Bapatla district.

Adulteration of adulterated milk has become rampant in Addanaki. The police raided the adulterated milk center in Dwarka Nagar. Along with Sudhir from Bommanampadu village, six others were arrested. Juice mixers along with oil and powder used for adulterated milk were seized. Officials have found that thousands of liters of Kalli milk are prepared and transported to dairies every day. They are trying to increase the fat percentage by mixing oil in milk powder. Since the percentage of butter in milk does not exceed 8 percent in winter… because the price is coming down… by doing this, the percentage of butter is increased to 8.5 points.

At that time they used to add a little water to the milk! If you drink such milk, there is no benefit but no harm. But not like now… artificial milk is being made with dangerous chemicals. People are getting sick after drinking these. In the Chittoor district, which produced lakhs of liters daily, the adulterated milk business is going strong. Gangs adulterate the milk collected from milk producers is going on. From milk pulling points in rural areas to bulk milk chilling centers and from there to dairies, they are messing with people’s health.

The gangs who collect milk from the dairy farmers in the villages and adulterate the milk and sell it are continuing their rampage. Collecting milk from dairy farmers.. Malto dextrin skimmed milk powder, and sunflower refined oil mixed with it.. increasing the viscosity and butter content of the milk and dealing with adulterated milk.. A person named Murahari Reddy was caught by the Chittoor Special Branch police in a bamboo pile. A man named Sanjiva Reddy from Chinnagorantlapalli, KV Palli Mandal was also caught by the food safety officials while adulterating milk and selling it.

TV9 tried to find out how this adulterated milk is actually made.. by the person who was caught in the bamboo pile. After this adulteration happens and the milk reaches the BMCs and then reaches the dairies, the milk reaches the consumers in the form of packets. TV9 team tried to test this milk. As a part of this, the dairy technology college of Tirupati SV Veterinary University took milk belonging to two leading companies and tested it.

Such adulterated milk is very harmful to health! If this milk is given to children, the bad consequences are beyond our imagination. Whether you know it or not, if you drink artificial milk every day, there is a possibility of getting cancer due to the fat in it. The urea added in it acts as a mild poison. High blood pressure and heart diseases come with Kaltipas. Kidneys are damaged. Adulterated milk also affects the brain, liver, and kidneys. There are chances of fits. Muscle tremors may also occur. That is why it is necessary to be alert to these scams!


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