This Ekadashi of Purushottam month is very special. This Ekadashi is lying after three years and will come in 2023. Due to Adhikamas Ekadashi, its importance increases further. This Ekadashi is also called Purushottami Ekadashi or Param Ekadashi. On this day, Lord Lord Vishnu is worshiped and fast is observed. In this Ekadashi, gold donation, vidya dan, food donation, land donation and cow donation are done. It is said that by observing this Ekadashi fast one gets the reward for the fruits of many yagyas. This fast can be passed from 6 am to 8 am the next day.

Fast this way

To observe Ekadashi fast, first of all, take bath in the morning and meditate on Lord Vishnu. After this, recitation of Vishnu Sahasranama is also considered very good. Offer yellow flowers to Lord Shri Hari. Remember them. In the fast, there is a law to worship with incense, lamp, nevidya and flowers etc. Mata Lakshmi is also worshiped with Vishnu on Ekadashi. Naivedya is also offered in this fast. 

While performing the puja you have to take a pledge. Fruits are done throughout this day. Rice is neither cooked at home nor anyone can eat on this fast. After the puja one should donate as much power as possible, but do not take food, etc. given by anyone. It is believed that donations made on Ekadashi are very beneficial. 


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