Actress Solanki Roy On Sonali Chakraborty Demise: My heart would not be good if I didn’t act. Therefore, he has to go to the shooting floor despite his bad body. Because standing in front of the camera, all illnesses will disappear! Yes, that’s exactly what actress Sonali Chakraborty thought. Actress Solanki Roy remembers exactly these words after getting the news of Sonali’s death on Monday morning. Solanki acted with Sonali Chakraborty in the serial ‘Gantchara’. Sonali Chakraborty played the role of Solinka’s Jethima in this serial. When Solanki was contacted by Sangam Pratid Digital, he said, “Very sad. I remember many things. Due to physical illness, he could not come to shoot sometimes. But whenever he came, he would freeze. There was a very positive vibe on his face. He used to tell me, if you don’t shoot, you don’t feel good. He was really struggling with illness. His fight inspires. I used to talk a lot between shootings. Remembering everything.”

Actress Sudipta Chakraborty also mourned the death of actress Sonali Chakraborty on social media. He wrote, “Sudipta Chakraborty – Sonali Di…Goodbye old memories!! ‘Nachni’ – TV serial…I was in class six then. I saw you first. I acted standing next to you. What a beautiful look!! I used to see yes. You will be remembered for your long face, long drawn eyes, beautiful eyebrows like painting, cheeky smile, beautiful dancing and…. Last I saw your picture of a burning stake on Kali Puja day.. Shankar dai posted on social media. No, I don’t want to remember that look. I want to remember the face during that dance and the face I saw many times later.

You have suffered a lot. What do we do when the body is blocked? I know Shankar Da and Saji have tried a lot. I got the news. They have no words to comfort them both. Rest in peace, Sonali Di.” Actor Jayjit also expressed his condolences on social media.


Sonali Chakraborty has been associated with the acting world for a long time. Be it theater or movies or serials, he roamed freely everywhere. It is known that the actress was ill for several days. Had to be admitted to the hospital. He returned home after recovering. He started working again. She is seen in the role of Jethima, the main character of Khari (Sholanki Roy) in the serial ‘Gantchara’. But a few days ago, Sonali Chakraborty fell ill again.

Sonali Chakraborty was not only his life partner but also his career partner. They worked together on stage as well as in front of the camera. Actor Shankar Chakraborty is devastated by losing such a Parambandhu. The news also reached him while talking to a representative of Daily Digital on the phone. The actor said that Sonalidevi had a liver problem. Sometimes he got sick again after returning home after recovering.

Last October 24, Sonali Chakraborty celebrated Diwali with her family by lighting lamps. But then his body started to deteriorate. The actress was admitted to a private hospital in Kolkata. Many attempts were made. But there was no last defense. The actress breathed her last in the hospital. Shankar Chakraborty posted a picture of Sonali Chakraborty’s smiling face on Monday morning. He wrote in the caption, “Be filled with memories…” Many people reacted to this post of the actor. They wished the soul of Sonali Chakraborty to rest in peace.

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