Fitness is an important part of life for stars appearing on the big screen. To get a fit body, these stars are seen working hard, while with this hard work many times the results are also seen. Recently, the famous actress of South Film Industry, Rashi Khanna has also done something similar. He has achieved tremendous fit body throughout the year. Rashi has recently shared information about the fitness journeys, sharing her bold photos on social media. Rashi told that he has gained this fitness after leaving Nonvej.

Actress Rashi Khanna has shared her bold pictures on her Instagram account. In these photos, she is seen giving a sizzling pose sitting on the side of the pool. He has a black swimsuit and has a hot photoshoot sitting on the side of the pool. Zodiac’s amazing fitness is clearly visible in these photos. With these pictures, he has also told about his fitness journey. See here Post shared by Zodiac-

Rashi wrote in the caption of these photos- ‘It has been a lot of grilling for one year in terms of fitness, where my trainer Kuldeep Sethi helped me to go beyond my limits and promised to follow careful discipline and healthy health diet Will get good results … (because I am completely vegetarian for the last one year, Kuldeep has worked a lot on what I have to give). ‘

He further said- ‘I am here today, thinking that we are close to what we wanted to get … a fit and healthy body …’ In this post, Rashi has thanked his trainer. Also wrote- ‘Those who are reading this- you do workouts, not because you hate your body but because you love it’.


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