Mahika Sharma, who has appeared in many hit TV shows, has revived many old memories on Holi. Mahika told that, on the day of Holi in our city, people from all over the area used to be scared of children. Because they all secretly used to hit water balloons.

Mother used to wear old clothes on Holi but I did not believe

While remembering her mother, Mahika says that, I remember well that my mother used to tell me to always wear old clothes on Holi. But I never listened to them and celebrated Holi every time in new clothes. Even as a child, I used to wear white salwar or lehenga with colored dupatta just like a heroine. Which I used to like very much.

I fell in love with Holi parties after coming to Mumbai

The actress, who has spread her acting in shows like ‘Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai’ and ‘Police Factory’, further told that, she started celebrating the real Holi after the shift to the dream city of Mumbai. He told that, when playing Holi as a child, he used to get scared. So he was not able to enjoy much. People with colorful faces looked so scary that I did not go out much. But since I came to Mumbai, I have fallen in love with Holi parties. Wherever I live, I reach Mumbai on Holi. But this year we cannot have a big party like every time. That is why I have invited some of my special friends for Holi at home.


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