Actor Sonu Sood extends help, Jhansi's Lucky will be treated at SRCC Hospital in Mumbai

Jhansi: Darya Dil actor Sonu Sood is being cheered in Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh. Lucky, the 9-year-old son of a laborer living in the city, will now be treated in Mumbai. Lucky has a hole in his heart. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood will bear the entire cost of treatment. After getting information about the poor family from an NGO, Sonu Sood has extended a helping hand.

Sonu Sood
actor will make complete arrangements, Sonu Sood has given information by tweeting himself. Talk has taken place at SRCC Hospital. You can bring the baby, you will get surgery. The family left for Mumbai on Monday. All arrangements for family stay, treatment and medicines will be made by Sonu Sood.

The child was not getting well
, Lucky, who lived near Jhansi bus stand, had been suffering from heart hole disease for a long time. The family members were treating him with donations from several social workers. But, it was not going well. An NGO of Jitendra Yadav, a policeman posted in Jhansi range, informed Lucky’s father Dharmendra about Sonu Sood. After which the matter could move forward.

Actor Sonu Sood extends help, Jhansi’s Lucky will be treated at SRCC Hospital in Mumbai

Sonu Sood’s staff made a call,
after this, Sonu Sood told in the first tweet that he will send medicine, there may be no need to undergo surgery. In the next tweet, Sonu Sood said that they have had a conversation in SRCC Hospital Mumbai and surgery will be done. The child will be fine. Sonu Sood’s staff also got a call with Dharmendra.

Actor Sonu Sood extends help, Jhansi’s Lucky will be treated at SRCC Hospital in Mumbai

behalf of Sonu Sood, who left for Mumbai, he was told that he should come by 3 February and that all the facilities for his stay, food and treatment will be provided. Whatever expenses of 5 to 10 lakhs will be arranged for treatment. Due to lack of reservation in the train, Dharmendra is going to Indore with his son Lucky by bus. From Indore, they will catch another bus and leave for Mumbai. Lucky’s father Dharmendra works as a laborer and drives Ajivka.


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