Actor Puneet Issar said - Mahabharata artistes are stuck in images older than 30 years

New Delhi: Actor Puneet Issar, who plays Duryodhana in the popular TV serial Mahabharata, believes that it is very important to stay alive to keep yourself relevant. Recently he has returned by shooting “The Kashmir Files”. This year is very important for him because many of his films will be released. Issar is still very active and very busy shooting films.

Puneet Issar believes that all the actors of the Mahabharata serial are still stuck in their old images. They still remain at the same place today. He believes that he has taken his career forward by breaking this image. Puneet has worked in many Bollywood films. The audience also likes his acting. He gained a lot of fame after getting the role of Duryodhana in Mahabharata.

Puneet is 61 years old and working actively. He says, “I had to change over time. I didn’t cling to my old image. That’s why I am still actively working today than other artists of Mahabharata.” He never tied a style in his film journey. Played different types of roles in different films.

He said, “I played the villain in many films. After this I played an army man in the border film released in 1997. I also directed the film ‘Garv: Pride and Honor’ in the year 2004 with Salman Khan. . I also did a reality show which proved to be very transformative for me. I accepted new challenges and love exploring new areas. ”

Puneet Issar believes that due to his style people still think about him and include him in his project. He said that change is necessary with the new generation. Acting is an art that does not change but the approach changes over time. In today’s time, people want actors to perform very naturally. He said, “Over time I had to bend and adjust these changes and I did.”


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