Acid has been thrown at three Dalit sisters in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh. The incident happened last night. All three sisters are minors and are being treated at the local district hospital. It is being told that when the three slept at home, acid has been thrown at them. Two sisters are moderately injured, while one sister has acid on her face. However, the reason for throwing acid is unknown.

The incident is of Paska Paraspur under Paraspur police station of Gonda. Superintendent of Police (SP) of Gonda, Shailesh Kumar Pandey says that three girls have been attacked with chemical and chemical is being investigated. Forensic team has reached the spot. Police investigation is going on.

SP Shailesh Kumar Pandey said that three girls have been attacked. The condition of all three is fine. A child is 5 to 7 percent scorched. The cause of the incident is not known yet. Tahrir is being taken. The culprits will be arrested soon after gathering information. So far it seems that some acquaintance has had an acid attack.

At the same time, Acid Victim’s father said that he has no faith in the police action. He cried in front of the camera and said that he is unaware of the morning’s incident. There was no personal enmity with anyone. No FIR has been written yet.

AAP targeted the UP government on the acid attack, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sanjay Singh said that do the daughters have a right to live under the rule of Adityanath ji? Rape is being done, strangulation is being thrown, acid is being thrown, but the entire government of Adityanath ji is trying to save rapists and criminals instead of daughters.



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