Recently, a case of Rs 20 lakh was blown by Tehsildar Kalpesh Jain on Pali in Rajasthan’s Pali, after which the ACB team arrested Kalpesh and another revenue officer Parbat Singh on charges of bribe. Now there are many big and shocking revelations in the same case. Tehsildar Kalpesh Jain, who was arrested in Bhiwani’s Pindwara on charges of bribery, was originally from Balotra. While he lived with his family in Pindwara, he had rented the house of Balotra for rent. Explain that both the accused of bribery have been sent on one day remand by the special court of ACB. 

The shocking thing has come out in this case that there are more than a dozen accounts in different banks in the name of Tehsildar and his wife. However, now all these accounts have been frozen by ACB and the complete information about all these accounts is yet to be revealed. But initially it is being told that more than the amount of money the Tehsildar had burnt, it is stored in its bank accounts.   

Let me tell you that when the team of ACB reached raiding the Tehsildar’s house, they had burnt about 20 lakh rupees in the fire for fear of being caught. But in spite of this, about Rs 1 lakh 31 thousand was recovered from the house in search. At the same time, initial investigation by ACB has also revealed that Kalpesh has taken different lockers in his name in many banks. In such a situation, there is a possibility that the money taken in bribe and the jewelery or jewelery made from those money may also be kept in the locker. But ACB will open all the bank lockers only after questioning the tehsildar. 

Also, the wife of the Tehsildar can also be made an accused in this case as he has also helped Kalpesh in this crime. It is worth mentioning that when the team reached Kalpesh’s house for raiding, they closed the door and in the kitchen, the two people together were burning the notes in a gas stove. Whose video also went viral. In the same episode, SI Devaram of Pindwara police station has also filed a case of imprisonment and insulting of currency in both the ACB’s state affairs.


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