Shraddha Kapoor dressed in wedding ceremony of cousin Priyank Sharma

About 32 Lakh Weddings To Be Solemnized In India In December Month, Weddings Are Buzzing In Telugu States: Wedding bells will ring in Telugu states in December. No muhurtas for three months. Even in Maghamasam, there are not many good days. That’s why there are auspicious moments from December 2 to 21. thousands of weddings are going to take place. All over the country, three and a half lakh weddings are going to take place.

Many people have been waiting for three months to see if the superstition will ever go away. The superstition is disappearing with November. The whole month of December is full of weddings. Thousands of weddings are going to take place in the month of December. This has increased the demand for welfare centers and event managers.

Three months break due to superstition

From December 2, the Telugu states will be abuzz with a huge number of weddings. Even in December, as there are only four or five auspicious moments, the mandapas will be crowded with weddings and receptions. Usually, a large number of weddings take place in the months of Ashvayuja, Kartika, and Margasira. But due to superstitions for three months, Mangalyam Tantunanena broke. In the months of October and November, the charm of the Mangala instruments is gone. With the end of the month of November, the new couples are ready for the wedding ceremony.

Booked welfare halls and banquet halls

That too..there are good days from December 2 to 21. After that comes Pushya month. The whole month, that is, till the second part of January, there were no good moments. Even if you want to wait for some more time… there are few muhurtas in the months of Magha and Phalguna in the months of February and March 2023. In April i.e. after Ugadi in the month of Chaitra, Moodham is coming again. Auspicious moments do not exist in May. As a result, pundits say that most people are making wedding arrangements in the few moments available in December. Event management sources say that thousands of weddings will take place in Hyderabad alone by December 20. This has created a huge demand for Kalyana Mandapams. Along with Hyderabad, there are more than 2 thousand Kalyana Mandapas and 2 thousand banquet halls. Sources say that all these have been booked for weddings and receptions, and some marriage halls have become so crowded that they have to book one in the morning and another in the evening.

More than three lakh marriages in North

If this is the case in the Telugu states, if we look at the whole country, more than three lakh marriages will take place in the North alone. For this, more than two lakh crores of business is also being done. On the other hand, due to covid, there have been many hurdles for NRIs to come home. Many people have postponed their marriages due to the fear of facing difficulties in returning to India. Now restrictions on travel from abroad have been relaxed. Moreover, in December there is a Christmas rush in America. NRIs get vacations easily at this time. As a result, young men and women who have settled in jobs abroad are becoming homebodies with wings on their backs. Priests say that even those whose close relatives are abroad are sure that marriages will be convenient if it is December. So.. for the whole of December. pippippi.. dundunduum.. Annamaria.


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