Abhishek Banerjee’s Rally In Contai Shows A Unified TMC: Kanthi’s Prabhatkumar College ground proved that no one can stay away from the field the night before the big tournament. The morning after night. Dust is flying on the feet of the leaders and workers of the two organizational districts of East Medinipur. Seeing the stage, the eyes are on the field. Unfortunately for everyone, the field will be small for today’s meeting. Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee held a meeting in this field on Saturday.

The district leadership went to the field in phases throughout the day on Friday to see the last-minute preparations for the meeting. There were Kanthi organizational district president Tarun Maiti, Tamluk organizational district president Soumen Mahapatra, Minister Akhil Giri, Haldia Development Board Chairman Jyotirmoy Kar, and Kanthi Municipality Vice Chairman Suprakash Girira. Kunal Ghosh, state general secretary of the party, arrived in the afternoon. The unwavering face of the district leadership was caught within that phase a few hours of seeing the final form of the meeting’s preparations.

Centered on Abhishek’s meeting which has taken a very solid shape. Kunal said about today’s meeting, “Kanthi is a traditional city. Trinamool symbol winning MPs all around a long time Trinamool family. Abhishek Banerjee’s meeting created a frenzy. Trinamool workers of all levels will come.” Prabhat Kumar College Ground is the biggest ground in Kanthi city. Earlier, Abhishek’s meeting was held at the nearby Dhankhet field. That field is full of new rice. That is why this field is chosen. Which is within 100 meters from Leader of Opposition Subhendu Adhikari’s house. Shuvendu sued for embarrassing his family by holding such meetings in front of his house. The court rejected them and said that everyone has the right to hold meetings.

Talking about Akhil Giri, Uttam Barik, Tarun Maitra said, “It is not the average of anyone. A meeting may be held in front of someone’s house. What is there with him to embarrass him or their family?” Soumen Mohapatra said, “We wanted to hold the meeting at Dhankhet field as this field will be small. But that is not possible now. Because that field is full of crops.” Suprakash said, “Shubendu Adhikari is the MLA of Nandigram. If he is caught as a man of a place, then Shuvendubabu is a man of that place. The meeting is being held in Kanthi.

In the meantime, the question arose about the two MPs of Kanthi’s house, Shishi Adhikari and Dibyendu Adhikari. Will they come to this meeting? Hearing the question, Kunal said, “This is not a marriage house. No one is invited. People go door to door and join hands while asking for votes in the Trinamool symbol, and now the invitation? Grassroots meeting. All India General Secretary meeting of the party. Those who have won the Trinamool symbol here, if they have the blood of gratitude, they should participate in this great yajna.” Kunal was approached by the Trinamool workers who took him to the party office in the evening. Women workers of the party also came. The tea circle sits. Kunal said, there will be more such meetings. He will also come when he gets a chance. People should be made clear about the poison of division and Mamata Banerjee’s picture of development. He also said, “Treason has been shown by a family. Keep a watchful eye on that.

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