Abdul Hakeem Faizi Adrissery Said That He Did Not Work Against Sunni Ideas: Abdul Hakeem Faizi Adrissery reacts against being expelled from Samasta. He said that he had never acted against Sunni ideology and the action against him was painful. Through a video shared on social media, Adrissery said that Samasta did not listen to his explanation.

‘I am a firm believer in Sunni ideals. I still don’t understand what the crime is being accused of. It has been on the path of Samasta for 25 years. I don’t know why I am saying this now. It is customary even in a court-martial to hear the accused at least once.

The dispute between Samasta and CIC does not come here. It is said that he acted against Samastha. CIC works on collective responsibility.

But now we are talking about ideology. Even if Samasta takes an action against me, I am Sunni and Samasta. Abdul Hakeem Faizi Adrissery said, “If there is an opportunity, we will continue to work.”

The General Secretary of the Coordination of Islamic Colleges (CIC) Abdul Hakeem Faizi Adrissery has decided to expel Adrissery, citing that the Samasta Mushavara held in Kozhikode on Wednesday has done anti-organizational activities. Mushavara joined under the chairmanship of Geoffrey Muthukoya.

Samasta Mushavara Adrissery was expelled on the grounds that he had campaigned against Sunni ideals. Abdul Hakeem Faizi Adrissery is currently a member of the Samasta Malappuram District Committee.

The Mushavara meeting decided to remove Abdul Hakeem Faizi Adrissery from all elements of the Samasta Kerala Jamiyatul Ulama based on the conviction from the written complaints received by the Samasta Mushavara and the investigation report of the committee appointed in this regard that he has been campaigning against the Sunni ideals and objectives of the Samasta.

Samasta Kerala Jamiyatul Ulama Kendra Mushavara decided to form Samasta National Jamiyatul Ulama as part of expanding the activities and educational systems of Samasta Kerala Jamiyatul Ulama at the national level.

The main accusation of all the leaders against Hakeem Faizi is that he tried to create division within the organization with the support of some leaders of the Muslim League.

Samasta had earlier expressed opposition to various issues including the marriage of girls enrolled in the Wafiya course under CIC. Later, though the issues were resolved through discussions, Samasta leaders and subsidiary leaders stayed away from the Wafi Wafiya arts festival and Sanad donation.

However, there was a big controversy when some people including Panakkad Sadiqali Shihab participated in violation of the prohibitions. SKSSF State President Panakkad Syed Hamidali Shihab also participated in the Wafi Wafiya conference.



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