T20 World Cup 2022 Team India Ready To Fight Pakistan, These Are The 11 Players Who Will Enter The Ring

AB De Villiers: India Must Win The Final, Especially Against Pakistan: Cricket fans are excited for the semi-final match of the T20 World Cup. Pakistan has secured its place in the final after beating New Zealand by seven wickets.

The battle between India and England in Adelaide is sure to be on fire. Pak Pata is waiting to face the winning team.

Many predict that India and Pakistan will meet in the final. There are many who are waiting to know whether 2022 final will be a repeat of the first T20 World Cup in 2007.


Since the start of the World Cup, there have been reactions about the same. South African batting legend A.B. De Villiers has also revealed his wish for the India-Pak match in the World Cup final.

ABD, who has a long relationship with India through IPL matches, wants to see India win against Pakistan. Mr. 360, who has played with and against India’s World Cup squad on Indian soil, has also said that India should win.

But this time, it is believed that the player wants to see the defeat of Pakistan because South Africa, his home country, is out of the semi-finals. South Africa came from Australia after suffering a huge defeat against Pakistan.


At the same time, same South Africa had also defeated India, who had not conceded defeat before anyone else in the World Cup.

‘My wish is for India to win. Especially with Pakistan. It will be the biggest final in the world. But now the main challenge before India is the semi-finals. Getting through that semi-final was a bit of a struggle.


England is a dangerous team. They have everything in their quiver to win this World Cup. If we can defeat them, I am sure that India will have a great victory in the final.

I have played two World Cup semi-final matches. So I know very well how difficult it is. It is a very stressful situation. In some, we will win and in some, we will fail,’ said ABD. His response was to the media.


Although de Villiers is now waiting to see India win by defeating Pakistan, the player had earlier said that the India-Pakistan final is unlikely.

An India-Pak final would be interesting if Pakistan makes it to the semi-finals, he said, although he too is looking forward to such a match, India is likely to face New Zealand in the final. Even then, ABD said that India was the winner of the World Cup.


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