Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray has canceled the Aare Metro car shed project which was in controversy. Maharashtra government has stopped the decision to build a metro car shed in environmentally sensitive saws. The state government will now build a new shed on Kanjur Marg. Apart from this, the state government has also withdrawn the lawsuits filed against those opposing Aarey car shed. 

On Sunday, CM Uddhav Thackeray announced that when we were not in power, we had opposed the Aarey car shed project. People who were concerned about the environment also objected to this and demanded that the project be canceled. Now we have canceled this project. 

Case taken back from protesters 

The CM also announced the withdrawal of the case filed against those opposing the project. The CM said that many people were arrested during the protest against this project, now the cases registered against them are withdrawn. 

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said that we have declared 600 acres of Aarey as a forest. After withdrawing this project from here, the area of ​​forest here has increased to 800 acres.  

New shed in Kanjurmarg

CM Uddhav announced in a webcast that Aarey car shed has now been transferred to Kanjurmarg. He said that there is government land there which will be used to build a metro car shed. This government will be given free of cost to Mumbai Metro. 

CM Uddhav said that the government expenditure incurred in the building in Aarey will be used for some other good purpose. 

Let us know that in October last year, Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited started cutting trees here to build a metro car shed in Aarey Colony. This project was being built for the Underground Colaba Bandra Metro Corridor. When this projector was being made, Devendra Fadnavis was the CM of the state. But soon after the change of power in the state, Uddhav stopped the project.  


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