Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 1 August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts with vanlata apologizing to gunjan. She says i had saved that situation in front of rajvi to get gunjan and shobit married, i have despatched mopit to kidnap you, i asked rakla to lock charmy within the room, don’t do some thing with me. Nandini receives stunned and says you used to hate me so much, i treated you want circle of relatives.

Vanlata thinks she has held me, it way she is alive. Darsh says that is actual ishani jhunjhunwala, how can this manifest. He calls ankur and asks him to get images of old activities. He says i want ishani’s p. C, its pressing. He thinks who’s that lady, who is appearing as vini’s mum.

Nandini scolds vanlata. Vanlata says i didn’t recognise that its you, gunjan and that i absolutely stored your daughter, however how did you get that girl, why is she calling you mum. Nandini asks wherein is she. Vanlata says she became here, gunjan went to discover her, i’m able to additionally move. Nandini says call gunjan, i can now not go away you if something happens to vini, in case you inform anything to gunjan or all people, then you may go to prison, i will tell the police which you abducted vini and acted to keep her. Vini says they got me to dwarka, this candy making competition become held in dwarka, i will pass and ask if mum has received, i will ask about bus prevent also. She asks a man about the address. She is going to naveen’s residence. Gunjan follows. Vanlata calls her. Gunjan says vini has entered our residence, she felt that this residence is empty, dad took mum to the health center, shall i go. Vanlata says vini has entered our residence, there’s nobody. Nandini says tell gunjan which you are coming home with vini’s mum, you may take gunjan away, i can pass from the lower back door,

apprehend. Vanlata says ok. Chetan says that female isn’t ishani, it way vini isn’t secure with her. Darsh says police tracked that lady’s location, she is close to naveen’s house, i will pass and defend vini, i must solve this. Vanlata stops gunjan. She says vini’s mum has come, she will take her. Gunjan says let me see who’s she. Vanlata says no. Nandini comes domestic and hugs vini. Vini asks how do you realize i m here. Nandini says we need to depart quickly, come. She sees darsh outdoor. Vini asks how did you come right here, why.

Darsh says i want to talk to you. Nandini asks vini to go interior, she will simply come. She asks darsh why is he following her. He says i’m able to come to the prison to meet you, you idea you’ll take ishani’s identification and stay in jj uncle’s residence, the reality is out, who’re you. She says i m ishani, vini’s mum. He shouts who are you. She says i m nandini. He asks what. She says how can i be ishani, after i m your nandini, the equal nandini, you stored me from one hurricane and left me on my own in any other hurricane, you took pheras with me however couldn’t maintain the vows. He receives stunned. She says i had made your darkness my identification, but you couldn’t pick out me in light, you are aware of it now, i m not ishani, what is going to you do, you’ve got harm me loads. He says police will do it, you played this large recreation to get jj uncle’s cash, you will visit jail. Her imagination ends. Darsh asks who are you, exceptional, police is coming, i can’t consider it, you performed with a child’s feelings for cash, in which is actual ishani, how did you brainwash her, tell me, speak up you cheat. Nandini cries and recollects his words. He says i lose manipulate whilst everybody controls me. Nandini asks do you take care of my heart wounds.

He asks what do you suggest, you’re engaging me in words to get saved from police, what did you do with actual ishani. Nandini says you can’t ask me something, i gained’t answer you. He says all right, you may go to prison, vini will stay with me. She says no. He says preserve this mind-set for the crooks inside the jail. Police comes. Darsh receives vini. Nandini says vini can’t stay without me. Vini asks what came about, why did the police officers come right here. Darsh says nandini will go along with the law enforcement officials to get the goons caught. Vini asks the law enforcement officials to ship nandini returned. Nandini says i m mum for vini, she doesn’t understand that her nanu is not any more.

Darsh takes vini home. Vini talks to the family and makes them smile. Vini says this huge own family is like my lecture room, it would have been precise if i had a huge family. Vini says she were given relaxed with the own family, i hope that fraud female doesn’t prove she is ishani. Rajvi says we won’t allow that fraud girl get vini. Nandini comes to the suggest’s workplace. She says jhunjhunwala asked me to come to you if there is any hassle, police is outside, if i don’t prove that i m ishani, then vini will get away, please assist me. Charmy receives a headache. She feels dizzy. Darsh sees her falling into the pool. He runs to hold her. Rajvi comes and gets relieved. She asks what befell. Rajvi says i m feeling dizzy.

Darsh says we should name the doctor. Rajvi takes charmy. She hugs and says the whole thing is great. Charmy says something has occurred. Rajvi closes the door. She says not anything came about, loosen up, i have taken your obligation, you are going to give delivery to a child of rawal family, i’ve promised that i received’t allow something show up to you and the kid, i will always hold this promise, you don’t need to fear.

nandini goes and cares for charmy. Darsh gets water for charmy. Nandini sees him with charmy.


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