Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 9th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts offevolved with nandini arguing with the moneylenders. Vini receives the candy floss. The person says 4. 5 crores loan is a huge aspect, perhaps you don’t recognise. Nandini tells them the criminal things. She says i have proof, the manner you are troubling us, it can reach the court, but first it’ll reach your better halves, they will no longer spare you, don’t trouble us now. She takes vini in the house. The person says we are able to see how you get money in 2 days, in case you don’t pay instalment, i will see the way you shop yourself and your daughter. Vini hugs her. They consume the candy floss. Rajvi and entire own family cry during nandini’s tervi. Nandini fixes a lamp. She says ladies can do whatever that boys pass, get geared up for college. Nandini says its imp to head to high school. Vini gets dissatisfied and is going. Nandini thinks i ought to pay faculty expenses nowadays, how shall i set up cash. Gunjan is at naveen’s residence. She misses rawal residence. Shobit comes domestic. He says i don’t have darsh’s steerage, i couldn’t prepare well. Gunjan says its nandini’s tervi nowadays, how long will they cover about her death from darsh. Shobit says get geared up, we are able to go there, we don’t live there but they’re our circle of relatives. Gunjan smiles. He says i couldn’t get a hazard to ask for punishment. He cries. Nandini meets a person and says you took loan from jhunjhunwala, you didn’t pay the money.

The person says i heard he went to london, he gained’t come returned, i don’t don’t forget i took the mortgage. She scolds him. He laughs and asks who’re you. She says i m jhunjhunwala’s daughter ishani, i m heir of his assets. He asks him to get out. She is going stay and tells approximately mr. Ahuja, he’s defaulter of 20 lakhs. He asks her to stop it. He says i will pay the instalment proper now, stop it. She takes the cash. She says subsequent time, come domestic and pay the instalments, i gained’t come to invite. She leaves. Rajvi says i made all this myself. Vipul says darsh can’t come inside the ultimate rasam. Darsh pays money to the hospital body of workers. Shobit and gunjan come home. Rajvi drops the meals plate down. She scolds shobit. Shobit feels terrible. Darsh recollects shobit and says why did you try this, don’t recognize we are able to have the antique bond or not. Rajvi says gunjan, you could come here every time, but shobit will now not step right here again. Shobit cries. Nandini reaches some corporations to present an interview. She says i m now not getting a process everywhere.

She goes to vini’s college. Vini gets dizzy. Nandini asks why are you standing outside. Vini asks is expenses very imp, if anyone is poor, then can’t she go to school. Nandini says no. Vini asks why did they punish me to face out of doors. Nandini hugs her and takes her. Shobit asks gunjan to live again. Gunjan thinks i’m able to’t go away my husband and stay again. She says how am i able to pass with out you. They go away. Darsh comes domestic. Darsh gets the meals plate outside and thinks they got to recognise that i m coming. Nandini receives the police to the college. She scolds the instructor for punishing vini. She tells it to most important. She says you communicate to me, what’s the need to punish the girl. She says i’m able to clean the pending case, i’ve filed the police case for doing incorrect with kids, i haven’t any tolerance in opposition to the incorrect, i stopped giving 2nd possibilities. Darsh says i’m able to meet nandini first.

Precap: pandit says it might had been desirable if darsh was right here. Rajvi says darsh can’t take a seat in puja. Darsh comes and says maa… anyone gets greatly surprised seeing him.


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