Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 8th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Charmy searching around. She says why are those ordinary matters happening, she gave the look of Gunjan, wherein did she disappear, how can this happen. She sees a shadow. She is going and catches someone. She asks who’re you. She sees Parul and asks did you notice anyone. Parul says no, I became going to the kitchen to warmth milk for Vini, what happened, why did you pull me, come, take relaxation.

Shobit stops Nandini. Nandini says Darsh, don’t understand wherein did Charmy conceal Rajvi. He asks what, did Charmy conceal mom. Charmy hears the door bell and receives scared. Parul says relax, its only a door bell, is there any tension, inform me. Charmy sas no, I m concerned for Rajvi. Parul says don’t worry, its now no longer properly for the baby. Darsh asks who’s ringing door bell at night, I will see. He opens the door. He says there may be no one, wherein are you going Charmy, take relaxation. Charmy appears out of doors. The door receives close. She knocks and shouts Darsh, open the door. Darsh says the door isn’t opening, it were given locked, why are you scared. He thank you Parul for helping him. He recollects telling Charmy’s reality to Parul and asking her help.

Charmy says I sense scared, open the door. Bansuri involves Charmy and says I actually have to inform you some thing approximately Gunjan. Charmy asks what. The door opens. Charmy runs inside. Parul asks her now no longer to worry. Bansuri says police were given Gunjan’s body, don’t understand wherein did Naveen go, I felt like Gunjan got here home, she became pronouncing like she can be able to take revenge, I became stressed and got here here. Darsh says Charmy, you’re a doctor, give an explanation for her its simply imagination. Charmy says yes, wherein did you get the body. Bansuri says its determined clearly some distance from her. Darsh asks her to live of their residence if she is feeling scared. Parul says Charmy, take relaxation now.

Nandini says I understand its difficult in order to consider it, however its the reality. Shobit says Charmy likes Darsh, she killed Gunjan, how can she do this. Darsh comes. She says I informed the entirety to Shobit. Doctor says sorry, you needed to wait, perhaps she recollects the entirety seeing own circle of relatives pics. Vipul says she may also get violent. Doctor says in case you suppose Toral is aware of wherein is Rajvi, we need to strive, higher you strive it, she may also remember. He suggests the % to Toral and asks her. Toral says Vipul. She identifies Chetan also. She sees Rajvi’s % and says large wall…. Chetan asks what’s she seeking to say. Vipul asks what’s she pronouncing. Doctor says she is aware of some thing approximately Rajvi, we can display her greater pics,

perhaps she receives her reminiscence back. Vipul suggests Nandini’s %. He asks did you do some thing to Rajvi, wherein is she. She shouts Nandini. Doctor says we have to supply her a spoil after which strive again. Shobit hugs Darsh. He says sorry, you each needed to tolerate this due to me. Darsh says don’t say sorry. Shobit says she is wearing my child, and she or he is doing this, what happened, is there some thing. Darsh says she isn’t pregnant, we don’t understand if she became pregnant or now no longer. Shobit receives irritated and is going. Nandini asks Darsh to forestall him.

Darsh asks Shobit to listen. Shobit says Charmy has to inform me the reality, wherein she had stored mom. Darsh says she won’t do some thing to mom, we can need to plan. Shobit says I will manage this, I can’t chance your life, inform me what to do. Darsh says ok fine, act everyday in the front of her. Shobit nods.

Charmy hears Gunjan’s voice again. She wakes up. She sees Shobit sleeping. Darsh says I made this message with the aid of using selecting phrases from Gunjan’s recording. Charmy receives stunned seeing the caution at the mirror. She concerns seeing Shobit waking up. He receives up and switches off the AC. She asks him did he see the mirror. He asks what’s there, are you fine, what are you seeing, come, wash your face, there may be not anything. He takes her. Bansuri comes there and cleans the mirror. She leaves. Shobit asks Charmy to sleep. He says look, there may be not anything withinside the mirror, its clean.

Charmy says that window became open, right. He says I had close it myself, come. She says I will sleep with Parul and Vini. He says I m with you, come. She leaves. He calls Darsh and says Charmy went out of doors the room. Toral makes a drawing and sees the wall. Doctor says perhaps she is attempting to inform approximately the residence well, we can strive. Vipul says yes, we’ve one such wall withinside the residence, that room is closed due to the fact that years. He asks Chetan does he remember. Toral hears the educate sound. She shouts. Doctor says sorry, railway station is nearby. Toral receives dizzy. Vipul says we need to take Toral home.

Nandini scolds Charmy. Charmy says I don’t have any regret, I love Darsh, the entirety is honest in love. Rajvi slaps her and says you’re doing a sin, its now no longer love.


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