Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 7th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with anybody speaking approximately Rajvi. Vipul issues and cries for Rajvi. He asks did police ask for Toral. Darsh says yes, they assume Toral can inform us approximately Rajvi, she has closing visible Rajvi, they need to impeach her withinside the presence of doctors. Dada ji asks Vipul to take Toral. Vipul says okay. Darsh asks why are you tensed listening to her name. Dada ji asks what’s going to we conceal approximately a nanny. Shobit receives a name from police. He says inspector desires to speak to Toral, kay, dad gets her there. Vipul has the same opinion to cross. Charmy comes and asks what did inspector say. Shobit tells her the entirety. She acts dizzy and asks him to drop her to the room. Darsh asks the shield again. Guard says I changed into away and couldn’t see the alternative woman’s face. Darsh scolds him for buying under the influence of alcohol on duty. Guard says I don’t recognise approximately it. Darsh asks how are we able to trust you. He warns the shield and is going. Charmy thinks no person will take him significantly now.

Chetan sees Parul and Vini tensed. He says Rajvi will come returned domestic soon, she went in a incorrect cab and misplaced the way. Vini says thank God, I will cross and play now. She is going. Chetan says sorry, I didn’t recognise what to do to hold Vini’s heart, she has visible loads in her existence already. Parul says Toral’s trouble didn’t cease and this started, are you hiding some thing from me, Vipul and also you get involved listening to her name, Toral’s relation appears vintage with this house. He says I can’t solution you, pray that Rajvi comes returned, then she can be able to provide you with all of the answers. Charmy says I sense horrific for Rajvi, she has lived a royal existence, she can be able to die in that room and no person will recognise, I will knock out Nadini and Shobit, then Darsh may be mine. A female comes there.

Charmy asks who do you need. Nandini says I referred to as her, she can be able to reduce your stress, you’re involved, your marriage broke, this rub down is a small present from my side. Charmy says yes, I want to relax. Nandini asks the female to start. She is going. Charmy lies at the bed. The female massages her hands. Charmy closes eyes. The female sees her phone. Charmy sleeps. The female takes her phone.

Doctor comes out. She says you each had been right, she isn’t pregnant. Nandini thank you the health practitioner. She says you helped us loads. The female thank you her for the assist on the time of her daughter’s admission. She says I checked messages in her phone, I recognise the health practitioner who’s supporting her, in case you need, then I can discover whilst did she lose her baby. Nandini thank you her. Darsh comes out and sees Nandini and Bansuri.

He says you had been announcing the truth. Nandini says I had advised the entirety to Darsh…. FB indicates Darsh asking what, Charmy is inquisitive about me. Nandini says yes, I m positive that Charmy is at the back of Gunjan’s death. He says I could have now no longer believed this if absolutely each person else advised so. She says Charmy is performing to be pregnant simply to get anybody’s sympathy, I sense Charmy is liable for Rajvi’s disappearance, if we confront her, then she can also additionally harm Rajvi, we need to discover if she is pregnant or now no longer. FB ends. Nandini says at the least now, we recognise that Charmy isn’t pregnant, its time to execute plan 2.

Charmy is sleeping. Someone involves her room and wakes her up. Charmy wakes up and says Gunjan… how can this happen, changed into I dreaming. She receives Gunjan’s dream there. She asks how can Gunjan come. She receives bracelet also. She asks who’s there. She asks Jinal what took place to the lighting. Jinal says lighting went out, anybody went out with Toral, they’re involved for Rajvi. Charmy thinks to test Rajvi later, how lengthy will she live alive. She says inverter isn’t working, if absolutely each person hears Rajvi’s voice, I will cross and take a look at her once. Nandini scares her as Gunjan.

She says Darsh, our plan is working, we will discover wherein she has stored Rajvi. Darsh says yes. Charmy is going to test Rajvi. She sees Rajvi tied up withinside the chains. She says Rajvi is in her place, why am I listening to Gunjan’s voice. Nandini comes there. Charmy hides. Nandini thinks this room continually stayed locked, why did Charmy come here. Charmy thinks who’s she, a person is deliberately scaring me, I will now no longer go away her. She is going to Nandini.

Charmy says she disappeared, doorways have become locked, she gave the look of Gunjan. She sees a few shadow and asks who’re you. She sees Nandini.


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