Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 7th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts offevolved with circle of relatives going to darsh. He says nandini isn’t at home, in which is she, what are you hiding, i sensed that she had come right here, is she a lot disappointed with me. Rajvi cries and says i… chetan says she left from here without meeting you. Darsh says i knew it, she got here here, i sensed it, she cares for me, she will be able to give me every other hazard, i want to see nandini’s face first, promise me. Rajvi says promise. She hugs him. Nandini gets vini to her huge mansion. She remembers darsh. Vini acts to take their selfie. A few men prevent them. Nandini thinks who are those people. Vini says teddy undergo went to london. The person says a lot, you are right here. Shobit cries.

Charmy comes. Shobit asks did mother ship you to invite me to go away. He says i gained’t go away till darsh’s surgical operation occurs, i m involved for darsh, cross and inform them. She says no, no person despatched me, i desired to mention that you did much wrong, but i found out how a whole lot you like me, i’ve come here, i’m able to fix everything, i can talk to rajvi, you don’t want to keep this compelled relation with gunjan, i will speak to gunjan. He says no, i really like you, however i have become darsh’s enemy, circle of relatives’s embarrassment, nandini’s assassin due to this love, its sufficient, its time to maintain my duty, i did wrong with gunjan, i will hold my relation with honesty, forgive me. Charmy says how frequently will you break my coronary heart, you aren’t figuring out what you’re doing with me, we can find a pleasing guy for gunjan, she merits a loving husband. He says i determined, i’m able to’t leave gunjan.

They argue. She says i’m able to’t live with out you, i always stated that you have no braveness to take a stand, you took a stand for someone else, no longer me. He says i m dedicated, go away me alone, i m harassed for darsh’s surgical procedure. He is going. She cries. The man says its a style to have money scam and run to london, its about four. 5 crores, we received’t go away jhunjhunwala. Nandini asks why could he run away, maybe he planned to return cash. The man takes vini. Nandini says leave her, deliver me time to think. He recalls and asks for a telephone to set up their cash.

She calls the lawyer and says jhunjhunwala died inside the health center. Vini asks her to rush up. Attorney says jhunjhunwala took many loans, except rawal goodies, all his business went in loss, he were given cheated by means of human beings, the house is likewise mortgaged, he’s in debt of 50 crores. Nandini gets stunned. Darsh’s operation receives carried out. Vivek says surgical procedure become a hit, it was difficult operation, subsequent 15 days are essential, we must screen him for aspect effects, we have to slowly expose him to light, he can see well after 15 days, he shouldn’t get tears in eyes.

Rajvi says i could be careful, thanks. Vipul says he would like to look nandini first, what will we do. Nandini says we need time to return cash, however we are able to pay it. The person says first-class, take the lady after some days. Nandini says you furthermore may have children, how would you sense if you youngsters get punished for your mistake, you could get jailed for this crime. The person says get money and take the lady. He pushes her. They take vini inside the jeep. Nandini tries to fight. She takes an axe. She stops their jeep. She beats the men with the awl. She scolds the men. She takes vini from them. The man says we gained’t spare you until you give the money. The guys leave. Vini asks did you analyze martial arts. Nandini says helplessness could make every woman professional, i m enough for myself. She takes vini home. After thirteen days, darsh feels nandini coming to fulfill him. He asks her to mention something. He calls her out. He thinks i ought to pass domestic and see nandini.

Precap: rajvi does the rituals for nandini’s remaining rites. She receives shocked seeing….


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