Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 5th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Parul asking why are you locating Rajvi. Nandini says every body is seeking out her. Vini calls them and indicates the notepad. She says I actually have scribbled with a pencil, and its a letter, see. She sees the letter for Guru ji. Parul says perhaps she went to choose Guru ji from the ashram. She calls Guru ji and asks did Rajvi come to choose you, for Shobit and Charmy’s marriage, what, she didn’t reach. Vini asks in which is she. Parul takes Vini. Nandini thinks to discover from Charmy.

Shobit involves Charmy. He asks aren’t you ready. She receives a call. She asks what, lahenga can’t be brought today, oh, don’t ship different lahenga, marriage won’t be going on today. They argue. Nandini seems on. Charmy says you don’t take care of mum, however marriage, and your mum went somewhere. He asks her to close up, suppose earlier than announcing anything. He says I can’t marry you. He is going. Charmy thinks I desired this. Nandini thinks Charmy is smiling after listening to this, does she need to interrupt the wedding, I ought to speak to her.

Nandini is going to her. Charmy cries. Nandini thinks she become misbehaving with Shobit, now she is crying, is she appearing. Charmy asks her to discover Rajvi and get her again. Vipul says Toral, it become now no longer Rajvi’s mistake, I m caution you. Toral seems at him. Chetan says she can’t take revenge on Rajvi, have a take a observe her state. Vipul asks why will she go away Shobit’s life. They take Toral to the visitor room. Darsh asks in which you taking her. Vipul says she got here to my room, I notion to drop her to the visitor room. Darsh says new facility is coming to take her.

Vipul thinks if she is appearing, then she can be able to recognize in which is Rajvi, how shall I ship her. He says we are able to permit her stay. Darsh says you desired her to move. Vipul says if she receives violent there, then we ought to go away Shobit’s marriage and move. Nandini thinks to speak to Darsh approximately Charmy. Parul says Rajvi’s shoes are at home. Darsh says perhaps she has long gone barefoot to the temple. Parul says I will inform Vipul, I will ask Shobit to get ready, Nandini you’re making Charmy ready.

Darsh says I will move and convey Rajvi home. Shobit says I m involved for mother, I won’t get ready. Parul comes and says Rajvi has long gone to the temple. Vipul asks him to get ready. Shobit says no, I actually have to speak to mother approximately Charmy. Nandini involves Charmy’s room. She doesn’t see her. Shobit’s percent body falls. Nandini receives stunned seeing Darsh’s percent again side. She says why did Charmy preserve Darsh’s percent.

She says perhaps Charmy had stored this percent together along with her intentionally. Charmy involves her room. Her telecellsmartphone rings. Nandini says why is Mrs. Patel calling her. Charmy involves her room and doesn’t see anyone. Nandini hides. Charmy seems for her telecellsmartphone. Nandini thinks to unencumber Charmy’s password. She enters Charmy and Shobit’s birthdate. She says its now no longer that. She attempts Darsh’s birthdate. Phone unlocks. Charmy is going to test withinside the hall. Nandini says why did Charmy preserve his password. She solutions Mrs. Patel’s call.

Mrs. Patel asks did you prevent your marriage or now no longer, in case you need, I can create a drama to prevent it. Nandini says I will manage. Mrs. Patel says I observed out that Rawals had sorted Toral’s intellectual facility expenses. Nandini ends call. She says no, this can’t happen, it means, Charmy is appearing of marrying Shobit, she is eyeing Darsh, terrible Shobit, what’s going to he move through, how dare she eyes Darsh. She says Charmy wishes Darsh, she loves him, so she were given me insulted, she hates me. She cries. She says don’t recognize what’s she making plans with Mrs. Patel. Shobit comes. He asks how can I consider marriage whilst mother is missing, I will go back those marriage registration papers.

He cries and says perform a little magic, shop our family, get mother again, its too overdue mother had left. She says we are able to discover Rajvi, is the whole thing satisfactory among you and Charmy. He says no, Darsh defined her, she were given bit satisfactory, however she changed, she isn’t the Charmy I love. She thinks she now eyes Darsh. Darsh comes and says I went to the temple, mother isn’t there, sorry Shobit. Shobit says I informed dad that I won’t marry until we discover mother, go back the wedding registration papers. He is going. Darsh says terrible Charmy, I will speak to her and come. He is going.

Nandini thinks I will speak to Darsh approximately Charmy later, its imp to discover Rajvi. Charmy receives her telecellsmartphone. She says how didn’t I see this. Darsh knocks the door. She begins offevolved crying and hugs him. She says what’s going on, in which did Rajvi move, I m involved, why does troubles are available Shobit and my marriage.

He says don’t take stress, we are able to discover mother. She asks him to discover Rajvi. Jinal receives fruits. She asks why did you ask for papaya, you shouldn’t have papaya on this state. Charmy says I informed that through mistake. Darsh says don’t take tension, we are able to discover mum. He is going. Charmy asks Jinal to go away. She says plan successful, marriage is cancelled, I ought to win Jinal.

Bansuri says some thing is recorded on this. Toral takes Darsh to Rajvi. Bansuri says I can’t consider Charmy can visit this level. Nandini receives stunned.


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