Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Rajvi getting down on Darsh. Darsh requests that Nandini prepare soon, he is pausing, don’t try to say whatever harms Rajvi. He goes. Nandini cries. Shobit searches for Darsh. Chetan prods him. He says Darsh will come, everybody is sitting tight for breakfast. Shobit says I will spruce up and come. He calls Charmy. He says Darsh, simply save me from this cheat marriage, Charmy and I will not get isolated. Nandini reviews Darsh’s words and cries. Aapki nazron ne samjha… plays…

She asks how did I respond that Darsh changed to such an extent. Gunjan feels lethargic. She says Nandini used to accomplish practically everything there. Rajvi says she is going to some other table. Vipul says possibly she is sluggish. Namrata makes proper acquaintance, we are here. Gunjan goes to their table. They chuckle. Gunjan says sorry. Namrata insults Gunjan. Rajvi requests that Gunjan sit. Shobit asks didn’t Darsh not come. Darsh says you got hitched now, all alright. He jokes. Everybody giggles.

Darsh requests that he come and eat. Shobit thinks for what reason is Dars acting this way, presently he realizes Nandini had caught me in this marriage. Nandini comes. She thinks everybody is so cheerful, how might I mention to them what occurred around evening time. She sees Darsh and figures I should conceal this matter until I know the justification his annoyance. Darsh says mum, don’t say we will do first rasoi rasam in the retreat. Nandini says I m prepared for it. Darsh says great young lady, imagine before everybody, they should think we have love, its a major untruth. Shobit thinks Darsh looks content with Nandini. Darsh requests that Shobit sit with his significant other, he got hitched now. Shobit thinks I figured he will free me once again from this off-base connection, however he looks loose. Shobit sits with Gunjan.

He sees Darsh. Nandini says I can’t do this acting. Rajvi says you know the regard we have, the relations are the genuine character of our family, individuals don’t offer devil to one another, they end relations and can’t make a penance, however we keep relations. Dada ji says indeed, my folks’ marriage remained for a very long time, I was additionally with my better half for more than 45 years, love is pixie for keeping relations. Rajvi jokes. She says we have a fascinating rasam before rasoi rasam, I will clarify it after breakfast. Shobit thinks Darsh said I m his life, it was only a dramatization, I realize Darsh doesn’t adore me, he got what he needed, he will not conflict with Nandini. He gets up from his place. Darsh stops him. Shobit says I have some work. He leaves. Darsh figures I won’t ever fail to remember your penance, until I figure out this wreck, I can’t come clean to you and mum. Shobit cries and calls the specialist.

He gets some information about Charmy. He asks what, she wasn’t allowed to leave. He sees her internal identity replaying the mishap scene. He says both the siblings lost eyes in a similar mishap, Darsh lost visual perception, he is savvy, you are an imbecile, take a gander at yourself, Charmy left, you got hitched to a ravenous young lady, does anybody care for you, you are so idiotic, you merit this, you are a defeatist, where is Darsh currently, did he come to wipe your tears, Darsh got Nandini, he is cheerful, Charmy was correct, Darsh simply needs his satisfaction, Charmy left, you are separated from everyone else, what will you do now, will you see Darsh content with Nandini and keep a phony connection with Gunjan, stand firm for yourself, you need to protect yourself. Shobit cries and falls into the pool. He yells no, I will not cry, I can’t get Charmy, yet the person who fouled up with me need to address a major cost, Darsh has seen my adoration, presently he will see my disdain, Darsh failed to remember me, I will not allow him to remain content with Nandini, and I would not joke about this.

Precap: Shobit says I confided in you more than myself, I will make a break in the middle of you and Nandini. Darsh goes to do shraddh of his decency. Nandini looks on.


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